6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast

6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast : Kenyan Coast is a mesmerizing tropical destination perfect for travelers interested in spending an African holiday on a beach, take a swim in the blissful waters of the ocean and do sunbathing on the crystal white sand beaches lined with palm trees.

Kenyan Coast is made up of expansive, pearly beaches with warm, azure waters, traditional dhows sailing past in the background and locals fishing and selling juicy coconuts offering you an out of the world adventure.

The Kenyan Coast is a classic tropical holiday destination with numerous beaches and beach resorts, one of these beaches is Diani Beach which has been voted and listed among the best beach destinations in the world and the Africa’s leading Beach Destination by the World Travel Awards in 2014.

Diani Reef Resort also found on Diani Beach is one of the best resorts at the coast and it was named Africa’s Best Beach resort at the World Travel Awards 2017.

Kenyan Coast has also been ranked among the best and most sought after destinations within the region for several years consecutively.

The Kenyan Coast has something to offer to each and every visitor while on the tropical safari, as a visitor on a tropical holiday here are the 6 practical things to know about the Kenyan coast and what to except during the holiday.

6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast
Kisite Mpunguti
  1. Kenyan Coast offers a wide range of entertainment options

One thing you will not run short of while on a holiday to Kenyan Coast is entertainment regardless of the area you visit that Mombasa, Diani, Malindi or any other surrounding islands such as Lamu. At the Kenyan Coast, there is always an entertainment activity to fit your interest and preference as a tourist.

Some of the activities you can do during holiday at the Kenyan Coast include snorkeling at Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve, scuba diving with a professional guide from the Ocean Sports, sailing on an Old Dhow in Lamu, Parasailing, Game fishing and Night Clubbing among others.

If you are interested in any of these activities, you are requested to inform your safari agent or hotel concierge for the best option around the location of your destination. This is because you can’t finish all of these activities once. .

  1. It is cheaper to get around the Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan Coast there is always a cheaper way to get around, however it depends on the kind of transport mode you wish to use as a traveler and what you wish to experience during your holiday. If you are visiting Mombasa, you can hire a vehicle or taking a taxi for most of the day for the day would be inconvenient as the traffic will make it expensive.

The cheapest way to get around the Kenya Coast is taking a local Tuk-Tuk and this is the reason why

  • They are very affordable even over longer distances
  • They are open – aired offering an opportunity to experience the breeze and enjoy most of the sights of the destinations around as you travel
  • They are operated by locals who know pretty much all the cool places and mesmerizing activities to do in several locations, they could also share some of the wonderful pointers.
  1. It will be hot for most of the time

The Kenyan Coast including Mombasa is generally hot experiencing an average of 31°C for most of the times, it is always hot out on the Kenyan Coast which is a reason to why it is a beloved tropical destination by visitors from all over the world. The climate at the Kenyan Coast makes it an all year round destination, at the coast there is always a cool, ocean breeze blowing through the coast adding on to its beauty and a perfect place to go and show off your body.

6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast
6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast
  1. Airbnb might be your best accommodation option

Staying at an Airbnb is a perfect accommodation option to stay at most especially for travelers on a budget, The Beach House Malindi is one of the best accommodation options on the Kenyan Coast available on Airbnb.

The coast has a number of beautiful beachfront properties offering accommodation and other services in facilities located in Diani or Vipingo.

The Kenyan Coast is known for its amazing beach resorts and hotels such as the Diani Reef Resort which has been voted the best resort in Africa for many years consecutively, in case you are looking for a cozier, flexible and more private accommodation then Airbnb is the best option. Most of the Airbnb homes in the Kenyan Coast have the following services and facilities.

  • A private chef who cooks on request
  • A private beach where you can party, relax or have a barbecue
  • Private bars, swimming pools and support staff available to make sure that all your needs are met.

All these services and facilities are offered at a very affordable rate.

  1. The magic at the Kenyan Coast is in the water

Kenyan Coast some of the best blissful waters in the world which is the main reason to why it is one of the most visited beach destination in Africa, the coast and the neighboring Islands are surrounded by the alluring Indian Ocean.

 At the Kenyan Coast, there is always something mesmerizing such as swimming in this vast water body. Some of the activities to do in the Indian Ocean include

  • Swimming.
  • Kite-surfing.
  • Deep-sea fishing.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Sailing in an ancient dhow.
  • A host of watersports such as jet skiing and
  • Fly boarding
  1. Food at the coast is unbelievably mouthwatering

The Kenyan Coast is one of the best places to get a taste of the local cuisines which are prepared with attention most especially at the high end- luxury hotels that have world-class and award winning chefs.

6 Practical Things to Know About Before Visiting the Kenyan Coast
Diani Beach

Also at the small street shanties and restaurants around the coast offer the best, traditional Swahili dishes. Some of the best dishes to try out on the Kenyan Coast include seafood platter at Crab Shack in Watamu, during your visit you can ask your tuk-tuk guy who will direct you the place for Biryani. There are also several open-air kiosks on the beach selling barbecue fish.

 Note: dishes at the Kenyan Coast can be very spicy, however you can make a special order for dishes with no spices.

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