Lamu Island of Kenya

  8 Idyllic Kenya Beaches to Visit

8 Idyllic Kenya Beaches to Visit : Kenya is one of the best beach destinations in Africa with a number of beautiful beaches with some ranked as the most beautiful beaches in the world, these beaches are renowned for their soft, silky sands merging into a sea of clear turquoise waters wrapping around the coastline of Kenya.

Kenyan beaches are fringed by coconut palm trees, wild mangroves and white – washed beach resorts. You can easily choose one of the gorgeous beaches to relax on, grab a sundowner and watch the scarlet sunset as day turns into night.

 With the many beautiful beaches in Kenya, here are the top favorites beaches to visit

Malindi Beach

 Malindi Beach is a long stretch of beautiful stand located in Malindi, the has pristine and shimmering sands stretch for miles perfect for long morning strolls or romantic sunset walks.

On your Kenya Beach Holiday, you will spend your day snorkeling just off the beach or head a little further for scuba diving, water – skiing and deep-sea fishing.

Malindi Beach is a perfect beach for windsurfers and snorkelers and you can enjoy the slice of the Indian Ocean at Malindi Marine National Park teeming with coral gardens, zebra fish and bright colored starfish.

 As the dusk settles in, you will go for a night life at the scattered bars and clubs around this beautiful former Italian neighbourhood.

Watamu Beach & Turtle Bay

 Watamu Beach & Turtle Bay is one of the Kenya best kept secrets situated just 15 kilometers from Malindi, the beach’s waters host coral reefs, whale sharks, leatherback turtles and manta rays making it the ideal place for scuba diving.

Surfers can grab their surfboards and ride on the best waves on the beach between May and October.

 At the beach there are plenty of beach resorts, from luxurious to the more laid-back resorts. At Turtle Bay’s long stretch of 7 kilometers of powdery sand you will see the nesting leatherback turtles, you can also laze, suntan and have a picnic experience.

Visiting the Watamu Turtle, you can help out in rescuing sea turtles.

Mombasa Beaches

Mombasa Beaches are situated along the coastal town of Mombasa, the beaches are home to many bustling beach resorts. The beaches are situated just 56 kilometers outside of the city and can easily be combined with a safari to Shimba Hills National Reserve, enjoy wildlife on a wild adventure, soak into the classic sun, sea and sand.

Mombasa Beaches are famous its colorful display of coral reefs, Diani Beach is one of the beaches in Mombasa and most prized jewels of Kenya. The beach is dotted with towering palm trees swaying above its turquoise waters and silky sands, the beach stretches for miles along Kenya’s coastline.

The Mombasa beaches offer great water spots such as snorkeling, visitors can also trot along the waves on the back of a camel in a true Kenyan style.

Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach is a great spot in Kenya to take a break from the city bustle and chill out under a palm tree and soak in the sweeping ocean view, the beach is good for swimming and surfing.

  8 Idyllic Kenya Beaches to Visit
Nyali Beach

If you are a party animal, the city festivities are new far away once the night rolls in. Nyali Beach is lined with some of the best of beach resorts in Kenya as well budget – friendly hosts.

Tiwi Beach

This beautiful beach is situated in a few meters from Diani Beach and is one of Kenya’s Best Kept secrets, the beach is isolated from lively crowds thus being a perfect spot for nature lovers search for some peace and quiet. The beach’s rustic charm and scattered beach cottage make it an ideal spot for honeymoon.

Shanzu Beach

 If you are looking for a beach party then Shanzu Beach is the perfect beach to be, the beach is situated just 30 kilometers from Mombasa just far enough from the big city life.

Shanzu Beach is along stretch of sand fringed with colourful beach bars and vibrant restaurants where you can sip on refreshing Dawa cocktails and feast on as much fresh sea food as you wish and dance under the wild African stars.

Bamburi Beach

 Bamburi Beach is a favorite beach to sunbathers, lounge on your hotel pool just a few meters from the ocean. If you are visiting Kenya’s Bamburi beach, pack your swimsuit, beach hat and head down to the white sandy beaches and either spot under the leafy palms of grab a deck chair under a thatched beach umbrella.  8 Idyllic Kenya Beaches to Visit

Bamburi Beach offers a peaceful escape where you visitors can enjoy long walks on the beach or have a boat cruise around the bay.

Lamu Island and its beaches

 Lamu Island is a perfect escape for a Kenya beach safari, the island bristles with stunning beaches with most popular ones being Shela and Manda Bay, on your visit at Lamu Island you can shop for souvenirs and silver jewellery in the Old Town, explore the ruins of Takwa and Manda on the Manda Island.

Lamu Island is a picture – perfect paradise for honeymooners and families looking for a secluded holiday.

 You can also sail in a traditional dhow or take a cruise to Kiunga Marine National Reserve and swim with the dolphins or snorkeling among the starfish.

 Lamu Island has a wide range of beach accommodation facilities ranging from 5-star resorts, beach bungalows or stay in Arabian – style forts offering a taste of the exotic. Also, you an opt for a rustic Swahili – style beach house, step out of your bedroom onto the warm beach sand for a true seaside feel.

 Book your holiday to Kenya’s island and discover the gorgeous beaches and enjoy incredible snorkeling, diving, fishing, thrilling water sports and soak in the Kenya beach life.

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