Activities to do on a Kenyan safari

Activities to do on a Kenyan safari : There are many activities to do on a Kenyan safari that makes your safari amazing ,rewarding, and memorable. It is one of the best place to spend on a safari holiday from its diverse wildlife,  breath-taking landscapes , beautiful white sand beaches and the warm unique cultural diversity of Kenya.

There are many activities to be done in Kenya depending on one’s preference, location and weather .Some of the activities include;

1.Game viewing

Most of the game viewing in kenya are Don through game drives in either open rooftop vans or closest 4×4 vehicles. It can also be done by self drive ,if your vehicle can withstand all the Kenyan terrains.  The game drives can be done early in the morning, late in the afternoon or either all day wild adventures . Some camps and lodges organise for night game drives which usually start at around 7 pm ,these are much rewarding for some of the Nocturnal animals and Leopards viewing. The night game drives are possible on some of the National parks, Game Reserve ,and private game conservancies.

2.Walking safaris

Nature walking  is a nature activity widely available in Kenya. Kenya is an excellent destination for adventurous walking trails, there many spots to try out this fun filling  activity.  All the walk in most of Kenyan parks ,Game reserves and private conservancies are fully guided. There are back up crew that provide meals, drinks and undertake camp chores. In most parts of the Northern Kenya, the camels are used to transport camping equipment  and food and the guest willing to enjoy the ride. The walking safaris is supported by camels, it is known as walking safaris.

3.Bird watching

Bird watching also known as birding is one of the premier activity to be explored in Kenya.  It has over 1100 species recorded. The varying altitudes provide more productive options of bird watching across different habitats in Kenya.  Some of the best birding destinations are the Montane forests at Aberdares , Mount Elgon, Mount Kenya, the Great Rift Valley lakes of Naivasha, Elementaita  Baringo,  Bogoria and lake Nakuru,  the rainforest of Kakamega  where you will get 10% of its birds only found in the forest and not anywhere else in Kenya.

Activities to do on a Kenyan safari
Birding Safaris

On the coastal region of Kenya ,there is Arabuko Sokoke Forest  and the Mida Creek. There are many experience and experts in bird watching for  more serious bird watchers.  There are also many migratory birds that come to Kenya , bird watching activity is best during the months of September/ October and March and April  depending on the habitat of your selection.

4.Riding safaris , Activities to do on a Kenyan safari

Riding safari is done with horses in some of the National parks of Kenya and some of the private conservancies that permit it . There are riding options in Kenya  that suits all abilities from Horse riding  to camel riding which sublicense nature walks and game drives.

Some of the Kenyan parks that offer riding safari  include Chyulu Hills National Park,  Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, Some private conservancies in Maasai Mara,

5.Mountain trekking

Mount Kenya is the best and the highest trekking point in Kenya with its several summits ,the highest being point  Batian together with its second Point Nelion only to be summited by only experienced mountain climbers.  The treks to the third summit at point Lenana offer great views and breath-taking sceneries.

Other places in Kenya where hiking is possible is Mount Longonot,  Aberdares Ranges, Mount Ololokwe,  Mount Suswa, Mount Elgon,  and the Mathews Range.

6.Scuba diving and snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the best activities to do at the Kenyan coast to enjoy the beauty of the Kenyan Marine life. Most parts of the Kenyan coast  along the Indian Ocean is protected by the coral reef and the warm waters of the Indian ocean making it excellent for diving and snorkelling. Diving is best done along the central coast  and less popular or practised in the far North coastline especially the regions of Lamu.

Some of the best diving and snorkelling sites in Kenya are in Watamu Marine National park, Malindi Marine National Park,  and Mombasa marine national park.

7.Cultural experience

Kenya is a country with several  ethnic tribes ,colourful people and rich diverse cultures. The Kenyan people are friendly,  welcoming and hospitable . Popular among the Kenyan tribes are the Maasai people who inhabit most of the designated National parks and Reserves of Kenya.  The Maasai are known for their unique culture way of dressing and they have well maintained their culture for years despite the change of modernisation and intermingling with different people from all over the world, Activities to do on a Kenyan safari

Most of the local communities living around the wildlife area ,are mostly trained as guides when visiting these parks, others have trained in different  tourism related courses such chefs , receptionist potters among others.

8.Photographic safaris

Photography is the best way to keep the amazing memories of the rich Kenyan safari experience.  It is the best way to capture what Kenyan wilderness has to offer from wildlife birds ,the landscapes and its beautiful sceneries in general. Photography is  a crucial art of capture the best moments in the wild for a memorable safari

Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the best places for photography safari ,it is at the park that the greatest migration of wildebeest, zebras and Antelopes takes place each year . There is no better way to capture this wonderful natural behaviour of animals ,especially when crossing the crocodiles infested Mara river .

9.Specific species safaris

Depending on your preferred wildlife species you will wish to see ,Kenya has what it takes your suit your preference. From the unmatched bird watching in Kakamega forest, Lake Baringo,  Elementaita region ,Lake Nakuru and Bogoria known for their large population of Flamingos . The best rhino sanctuary at Ol Pejeta Conservancy , the elephants of Amboseli to the Big cats of Cheetah, lion and Leopards at Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Kenya offers the best safari experience you will ever get it anywhere else in the world.

10.Hot air Balloon safari

Hot air balloon safari is one of the most prestigious way to enjoy the safari in Kenya. There are a couple of places in Kenya to enjoy , most notably known is the Maasai Mara.  The Take-off are usually done at Dawn and at evening before the sunset from which the balloon floats over the plains for about an hour before landing.

It is one of the most expensive means for a safari in Kenya but its offers memorable and some of the magical views.

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