Ashnil Samburu camp

Ashnil Samburu camp is a luxury tented accommodation in the magnificent backdrop of the Ol Olokwe mountain in front of Ewaso Nyiro River in the Buffalo Springs Game reserve near Samburu National Reserve, the camp is such magical well set along the shady banks of the river under the thick stands of doum palms that provides the guests with the cool breeze in their 30 exclusive luxury tents.

Ashnil Samburu camp is well strategically located, the camp offers the most amazing spectacular features where the guest’s participants in during their stay like the swimming pool, a garden, lounge bar that offers the guests the entire views of the Ewaso Nyiro River and among other different activities.

Restaurant and bar at Ashnil Samburu camp.

The guests who come to visit at Ashnil Samburu camp experience the stunning restaurant that is located inside the camp, which prepares and serves the guests with the tasty meals that are prepared by the well experienced and professional chefs. The restaurant offers the best views of the river and serves the guests who come at the camp with the variety of the menus comprising of the traditional, Oriental and the International cuisines in form of the buffets.

Guests also experience Ashnil Samburu camp special options that can be still be prepared though it can be arranged on the request including the bush dinners, breakfast and the picnic lunch boxes which gives the chance to the guests to explore the beautiful land of Ashnil Samburu camp Kenya. With the nearby modern lounge which has got the most massive décor and very nice that gives and leaves the visitors with the African touch.

Ashnil Samburu camp
Ashnil Samburu camp

The lounge bar is situated in the main building away the main dining area, with the wonderful décor that has got the African touch which makes it a massive place to pass time and relax that gives the guests the humble time during their Kenya wildlife safari at the Ashnil Samburu camp. Here the guests can be served by their right choice of the drinks that includes soft drinks, juices, liqueur, cocktails, wines, spirits, gins, international and the local beers, with the enough seating capacity which accommodates the large number of the guests to enjoy their time at the camp.


Ashnil Samburu camp has got the most comfortable 30 exclusive luxury tents that are well situated along the Ewaso Nyiro River. Here the banks of the river are shaded and decorated by the doum palms which gives the guests the well staying at the camp. The tents are well categorized differently including the Deluxe Twin Rooms, Deluxe Double Rooms, and Deluxe Triple Rooms, all the tents are provided with the amenities including the like the hot water, hairdryer, sunbed, shower and among others.

The accommodation at Ashnil cap offers the guests with the spectacular view of the entire surrounding savannah landscape and cool serene environment, with the sun lounges surround the outdoor swimming pool that gives the lodge the tropical feeling of the entire wilderness in the place.


Ashnil Samburu camp is the highlight that gives the guest the incredible safari activities where most of the guests do participate in to spend the best safari  moments at the camp including the game drives in Buffalo springs game reserve and Samburu National Reserve offers the guests with the truly authentic safari experience with the special animal species, big cat safaris and among others that are easily spotted in the reserves and many other safari animals which makes the camp to be the most special one to the guests who come to explore it.

Guests are as well offered the attractive nature walks around the two reserves that is Samburu national reserves, Buffalo springs game reserve that helps the guests to get to know the various places in those reserves while on foot where the vehicles do not reach.

Ashnil Samburu camp
Ashnil Samburu camp

A safari to Ashnil Samburu camp can never be complete minus carrying out the cultural visits to the nearby Samburu village where the guests get to interact with the Samburu people through entertaining them with their dances and songs, visiting them in their homes, and among others hence ends up making their safari with the unforgettable safari experiences.

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