Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : You cannot have fun if you have never gone on a picnic with your family or friends. Though the winter and New Year’s holidays look like the ideal times to plan a picnic, you can still plan one or two events in advance. Yes, and yes! We recommend making it romantic by taking your significant other to a picnic in a lovely location if you’re in a relationship and want to create some wonderful memories together.

You are in luck if you are in Nairobi or nearby, since we have recently looked for and compiled a list of some of the city’s greatest picnic spots. These locations are breathtaking, and you will undoubtedly have a wonderful picnic.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Nairobi Arboretum
This location was chosen in 1907 to serve as the hub for the quickly expanding facilities that would be utilised as fuel for trains. Mr. Batiscombe created the website where new and native trees may be tested. The government subsequently designated the area as a National Reserve in 1932. Today, though, it’s a wonderland encircled by plantations and exotic trees. Nairobi Arboretum is a 30-hectare forest with trees and plants representing over 320 different species. More than a hundred different species of birds have arrived as a result.

Although the park is small, it offers a wonderful setting for walks with company or by yourself if you want some alone time. And unless you are planning a picnic, you do not need to bring along more luggage in order to take in the scenery. A historic collection of uncommon trees, the majority of which you may not have heard of, makes up the Nairobi Arboretum. Walking throughout the serene areas with someone by your side will be a lot of fun. Nonetheless, you’ll see a lot of individuals in the Arboretum participating in musical performances or leading choruses. And despite all the sports and other activities, you may still find time for yourself.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Central park
Central Park in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya, is a form of recreational park away from all the dirt, dust, and hustle and bustle. It is located close to the University of Nairobi on the upper side of the city. A lot of people mistake this park for being a part of Uhuru Park, which is nearby. However, that is most likely due to the striking 1998 historic monument known as the “Uhuru Monument,” which is visible as soon as you approach the park. The purpose of this Nyayo monument is to honour Daniel Arap Moi, the second President of Kenya, and his ten-year administration. It is a small mark of gratitude for all the sacrifices made by Kenyan liberation soldiers and patriots.

People can always choose to spend their lunch breaks at Central Park. There are lots of people strolling through the park in the afternoon, both locals and visitors. This park provides a pleasant and calm atmosphere in contrast to the surroundings in Kenya. It’s a great location to be if you just want to unwind and get away from the intense heat.

Observing face paintings by painters and expert photography by photographers would be entertaining. It offers the aforementioned services and is kid-friendly. There is a kid-friendly playground with lots of entertaining features like swings and playthings. Central Park is a great place to have picnics and spend time with family. It offers long lawns that are shaded by trees, well-kept gardens, and a variety of flowers, making it a tranquil place for both locals and visitors. Central Park in Nairobi is a fantastic place to advertise and decompress. It can serve as a location for get-togethers and picnics with loved ones. You won’t be disappointed and Central Park is the nicest thing around. It’s also free for everyone.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi
National Nyayo Monument In Central Park Nairobi Kenya

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Uhuru Park
It makes sense that the well-known Uhuru Park in Kenya would draw a lot of attention. It is quite stunning to look at and contains a number of national and historic monuments as well as an artificial lake. Youth in Nairobi have recently shown a great deal of interest for skateboarding. If you visit the park on the weekends, you may witness both professional and amateur skateboard enthusiasts at the assembly ground that caters to their enthusiasm.

However, Uhuru Park is much than just that. Of all the reasons the park is so popular, we believe the most likely one is because it’s in a very handy location, making it accessible to anyone searching for a place to unwind or hang out with friends. Numerous historical events that occurred in Uhuru Park are well recognised. Both political and religious events take place at the assembly ground. One area of the park is designated as “Freedom Corner,” and there is a memorial there. Mothers of political prisoners staged a hunger strike there in the early 1990s to demand the release of their imprisoned loved ones.

Police were dispatched to deal with the incident. Departed as soon as the women undressed. Because they thought the old women would curse them, they were afraid. Anyway, Uhuru Park is a great place to visit if you’re thinking about having a picnic in Nairobi or just want to spend some time with your loved ones. It’s also a great place to go boating, and all for just fifty shillings.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Tamarind Dhow
We recommend visiting Tamarind Dhow if you haven’t heard of it or haven’t been there before. Aromatic dinners aboard this wonderful floating restaurant are not to be missed. Located at Mombasa’s Tamarind Jetty, this charming location is among the greatest places to have a picnic. Searching for a stunning setting with a breathtaking view? Reserve a special meal at the Dhow. Do you know why? Because the breathtaking scenery will transport you and your significant other on an unforgettable adventure. The expansive and breathtaking vista of the coast is almost too much to take in. You’ll feel in a lovely mood when you see Mombasa’s twinkling lights in the night sky and the starry skies above. Being on the water, you may anticipate delectable seafood prepared in the Swahili way.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi
Tamarind Dhow

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Whistling Thorns
Whistling Thorns is an excellent spot to relax either before or after a safari or adventure tour. It’s a reasonably priced location featuring a restaurant, bar, fun grounds, swimming pool, cabins and camping. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest even if you are only stopping by, as these establishments are accessible to guests until 6 p.m. Whistling Thorns is the place to go if you’re looking for a break in the Nairobi area and want your significant other to have an amazing time. If you’re feeling like having a picnic, the most entertaining way to do it is to bring your own tent and enjoy a romantic evening beneath the stars. If you don’t have a tent, don’t worry; you may ask them to set one up for a small fee.

Awesome Picnic Sites In Nairobi : Giraffe Manor
The location’s name, Giraffe Manor, may cause you to pause and consider how you may spend romantic moments with your significant other. Will you limit your expression of love to giraffes? You will be enthralled with the place’s splendour immediately, even with the presence of these exquisite creatures. Giraffe Manor is well known for its breathtaking surroundings, which will certainly add romance to your day. It is renowned for both its distinctive architecture and its opulent, tastefully decorated apartments. The picturesque garden and, of course, the Rothschild giraffes an endangered species with a population estimated to be less than 2000 will occupy much of your time. We find it quite remarkable to witness something so unique.

You can reserve the manor for a full safari adventure or just for the evening. With your significant other, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in an extremely positive atmosphere. We pretty much assume that the answer to your proposal, if you’re planning one, will be “Yes.” Thus, we have shared with you our opinions of some of the most charming locations for romantic picnics in Nairobi and the surrounding areas. These locations are ideal for spending some of the most memorable days of your life, whether you’re a visitor or a local in Nairobi and you have some amazing ideas for your loved one or your family.

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