Best luxury lodges in Maasai Mara

Best luxury lodges in Maasai Mara : Being at one of these top 5 luxury lodges in Maasai Mara will ensure you a safari excitement in the Maasai Mara with an aura of luxury. These lodges provide an array of comfort, exclusiveness, and genuineness that will make your Kenya wildlife safari unforgettable.

Let’s begin to provide you to the idea of luxury lodges in the safari context, and then provide you an in-depth review of each of the top 5 luxury lodges in Maasai Mara, emphasizing their distinctive characteristics, amenities, services, and experiences. To assist you in selecting the ideal lodge for your requirements and tastes, we will also contrast and compare the various lodges.

An Overview of Luxurious Lodges in the Maasai Mara.

A class of accommodation known as luxury lodges offers excellent comfort and quality in an outdoor environment. Typically, they are found in secluded, picturesque locations where visitors can take in the splendour and richness of the natural world, like national parks or animal reserves. Natural materials, regional artwork, and traditional architecture are used in the design of luxury lodges to make them mix in with the surroundings. Additionally, they want to have as little of an influence as possible on the environment, therefore they support conservation efforts and use eco-friendly procedures.

Angama Mara.

Situated on the brink of the Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara is a luxury resort with sweeping views of the expansive grasslands of Maasai Mara. The lodge’s name, which translates as “suspended in mid-air” from Swahili, perfectly captures the breathtaking setting and vistas. Angama Mara is divided into two distinct camps, each housing fifteen roomy, tastefully decorated, and cosy tented apartments. The suites have floor to ceiling glass windows with expansive views of the surrounding area and wildlife. Large decks are another feature they offer, allowing visitors to unwind and take in the dawn or dusk.

The traditional safari look of the 1920s served as inspiration for Angama Mara’s design, which also incorporates a dash of refinement and modernity. The main areas of the lodge include the craft studio, photography studio, fitness centre, library, and shop. In addition, the lodge features a shamba (vegetable garden) where visitors can select their own produce for meals and an infinity pool with views of the valley. Fresh, seasonal, and varied, the lodge’s menu features both foreign and traditional Kenyan fare.

Angama Mara provides its visitors with a wide range of experiences and services. With the lodge’s own airstrip and safari vehicles, visitors may go on hikes or game drives across the Maasai Mara National Reserve with ease. Hot air balloon safaris, a unique opportunity to view the wildlife and beauty from above, are another service provided by the lodge. Visitors can also explore a neighboring Maasai hamlet to gain insight into the customs and culture of the community. As an alternative, visitors can just take in the peace and quiet of their apartments or treat themselves to a yoga or massage.

Mahali Mzuri.

Mahali Mzuri is a luxury lodge that is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition collection. The Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a private wildlife reserve that borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve, is where the lodge is situated. The lodge is made up of twelve cocoon-shaped tent sites that are elevated above the floor on stilts. The suites have huge beds, en suite bathrooms, and sliding glass doors that access to private decks. They are roomy, contemporary, and attractive. Sun loungers and outdoor bathtubs are available on the decks so that visitors can enjoy the sounds and sights of the natural world.

The atmosphere of Mahali Mzuri is stylish, lively, and enjoyable. The dining room, library, bar and lounge are the main spaces of the lodge. Additionally, the lodge features an infinity pool with a view of a waterhole from which visitors may see animals coming in for a drink. The lodge’s cuisine, which uses organic and locally grown products, is imaginative, delectable, and varied. Additionally, the resort can accommodate unique dietary needs and preferences.

Mahali Mzuri provides its visitors with a variety of activities and services. The lodge offers game drives and hikes for guests in the national reserve or conservancy using its own safari vehicles and rangers. In addition, the lodge provides night drives, which are a fantastic way to see wildlife that is active at night. Visitors can also take part in community initiatives that promote health and education, or they can take cultural tours of neighboring Maasai settlements. Guests can indulge in spa treatments or meditation classes to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

Mara Plains Camp.

Situated in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a private game reserve bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve, is the luxurious Mara Plains Camp. The lodge is made up of seven tented apartments that are tucked away among shrubs and trees to provide a private, intimate feel. The suites include thatched roofs, wooden flooring, and canvas walls. They are roomy, tasteful, and comfortable. The suites have huge verandas with views of the river and savanna, as well as four-poster beds and en suite baths.

Best luxury lodges in Maasai Mara
Mara Plains Camp

The Swahili language and Kenya’s colonial past are significant design elements of Mara Plains Camp, combined with a dash of modern style. The lodge’s primary domains include a lounge, a dining room, and a library. The lodge also has a swimming pool that disregards the river, and a fire pit where guests can gather in the evenings. Using only local and fresh ingredients, the lodge’s cuisine is sophisticated, flavorful, and varied. For special occasions, the lodge also provides private dining alternatives.

Mara Plains Camp provides its visitors with a wide range of amenities and experiences. The lodge offers game drives and treksĀ for guests in the national reserve or conservancy using its own safari vehicles and rangers. In addition, the lodge provides horseback safaris, which are an exceptional opportunity to see the wild and get up close to the animals. Additionally, guests can take advantage of photographic safaris, where they can pick the brains of seasoned photographers. Visitors can visit neighboring Maasai settlements or schools for cultural and educational activities.

Best luxury lodges in Maasai Mara : Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp.

Situated in the Olderikesi Conservancy, a private game reserve bordering Tanzania’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park, is Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, a luxurious lodge. Ten tented suites that are intended to arouse feelings of nostalgia and romanticism from the 1920s safari era make up the resort. With brass fixtures, Persian rugs, and antique furnishings, the suites are roomy, luxurious, and cosy. King-size beds, private verandas with views of the plains and hills, and en suite bathrooms are features of the suites.

The design of Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is genuine, sophisticated, and endearing. The lodge’s primary areas include a lounge, a dining room, a bar, and a shop. The lodge also has a swimming pool that overlooks the savanna, and a spa where guests can enjoy massages and treatments. The lodge uses organic and locally grown foods in its delicious, hearty, and varied cuisine. For those looking for a more daring dining experience, the lodge also hosts bush breakfasts, picnics, and dinners.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp provides visitors with a variety of amenities and experiences. The lodge offers game drives and hikes for guests in the national reserve or conservancy using its own safari vehicles and rangers. Fly camping is another option provided by the lodge; it’s a more immersive and basic approach to explore nature. For some entertaining activities, guests can also enjoy croquet, archery, and fishing. Guests can visit local museums or Maasai settlements for cultural and historical excursions.

Best luxury lodges in Maasai Mara : Sanctuary Olonana.

Situated in a private concession that borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Sanctuary Olonana is a magnificent lodge on the banks of the Mara River. Each of the 14 elegant and roomy suites at the lodge has a private veranda with a view of the river and the surrounding wildlife. Natural materials and African art are used in the suites’ decor to create a cosy and welcoming ambiance. In addition, the lodge has a dining area where you can savour delectable meals made with organic produce from the resort’s garden, a spa, a library, and a swimming pool.

Sanctuary Olonana is an eco-friendly lodge in addition to being luxurious. Ecotourism Kenya has given the lodge a Gold Eco-Rating in recognition of its sustainability efforts, which include planting trees, reusing water, using solar electricity, and supporting the local community. In addition, the lodge gives visitors the chance to take part in some of these projects, such visiting the neighboring Maasai village or planting a tree at the Olonana Tree Nursery.

The unique experiences and activities that Sanctuary Olonana provides are among the primary draws for visitors. To witness the incredible wildlife of the Maasai Mara, including the well-known wildebeest migration, you can go on game drives with knowledgeable guides. In addition, you can take part in various activities including guided nature hikes, hot air balloon safaris, bush dinners, cultural tours, and more.

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