Best Places to visit in Kenya

Best Places to visit in Kenya  : Kenya is a country great for its diversity, both physically and culturally, Kenya is one of the Africa’s most Kenya safari destinations for very good reason. With the blissful Indian Ocean beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and the wildlife-rich savannahs, Kenya has a lot try it, all your dreams will come true because the country has got the endless beautiful places to visit on a safari.

Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park is one of the best places to visit in Kenya for the wildlife enthusiasts, on a safari the guests usually visit this place to spectate the majestic views of the highest peak of Africa that is Mount Kilimanjaro, and as well witness large herds of the African elephants, the Big five including the buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, and an extensive variety of other animal species like the zebras, cheetahs, giraffe and innumerable bird species.

Best Places to visit in Kenya
Wildlife in Amboseli

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria passes in through 3 African countries that is Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is the largest water body lake in the whole world, as it is the best place to visit on your safari in Kenya where you can find a midst its tranquil environment and also to explore the extensive variety of the acquatic life which includes the variable mud turtles, William’s mud turtle and among others with over 500 fish species like the catfish, cyprinids, and many more.

Nairobi Capital City.

Nairobi is the capital city and the largest city in Kenya, it is one of the most popular Kenya tourist safari destination, which is known for its legendary colonial history, sprawling infrastructure, tea and coffee industry, and wildlife parks, on a Kenya safari one should definitely visit this city to capture the most glimpse of the historical heritage of Kenya, peep into its vibrant culture, spectate its vivid wildlife, and also to witness its most stunning contemporary art.


Mombasa is located in the Southeast coast of the country, it is the largest port city of Kenya, being the cosmopolitan city, Mombasa is considered as a tourist safari that attracts various tourists because of its amalgamated culture, it is one of the most famous places in Kenya that boasts of a blend of various cultures, traditions, art, architecture, cuisines like the Arab, Indian, Asian, British, Portuguese, and Mombasa is the city that is well known for its beaches, corals, old monuments, the bustling street markets and many more.

Mount Kenya National Park.

Mount National Park is located at an altitude of 5,199 meters, with in the park there is Mount Kenya which is the second mountain in Africa and it is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park was established to conserve the endangered wildlife around Mount Kenya, at the moment the Mount Kenya National Park is a tourist attraction safari and is one of the best places to see in Kenya because of its wildlife safari.

Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River, this protected area is well known for its popular game reserve and it is the only safari reserve where the travelers can be able to spot and witness the special five that is the reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk, Grevy zebra, Somali Ostrich, Beisa Oryx.


Malindi is located in the southeastern coast of Kenya, Malindi is a popular resort town in the country having two different faces, as one part of the city reflects its rich history while the remaining half is known as the tourist hotspot, Malindi is one of the most best Kenya attractions that enable the tourists to explore the historical monuments, the pristine beaches, extensive corals and among others.

Best Places to visit in Kenya

Diani Beach.

Diani Beach is located in the bask in the tropical weather, and enjoy a mesmerizing view of the palm-lined beach and untarnished white sands it is found in Mombasa, it stretches from the Congo river in the North to Galu beach in the south, this 10-kilometer long beach is one of the best places to visit in Kenya where tourists can enjoy loads of watersports like the fishing, diving, kitesurfing and many others.

Manda Bay.

Manda Bay is one of the best Kenya tourist attractions safari for family, friends, and honeymooners also, it located on the Kenyan coastline. It is an ideal place to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the opulent resorts surrounded by coconut, tamarind trees, and a variety of the white sandy beaches.

The Great Rift Valley.

The Great rift Valley runs through Kenya from the North to the South, it is a 6000 kilometers long geographical formation, it’s a best safari in Kenya which is a great geographical importance and can be best viewed from the town if Iten, a few kilometers from Eldoret.

Uhuru Gardens.

Uhuru Gardens is among the best places to visit in Kenya it houses large monument, and azure lake, it is a popular picnic safari spot where most tourist can spend their loved time with their loved ones amidst its lush green surroundings and also enjoy the peaceful walking safari from the sound pollution of the city.

Jamia mosque.

Jamia mosque is located in Nairobi, it is a popular religious place in Kenya, it is known for its Arabic style architecture, and this religious site is one of the best places to visit in Kenya that has a library, training Centre that is dedicated to the preaching Islam to people who wants to learn about the sect.

Wasini Island.

Wasini Island lies in the southwestern coast of Kenya, which is known for its ultramarine waters and extensive coral reefs, it’s also one of the best places to visit on a Kenya safari that is for the nature, adventure lovers, that loves activities like the diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, sailing on the traditional Dhow.

Lamu Island.

Lamu island is the best place to explore in Kenya thus here the travelers do witness its rich trading history that reflects through its age-old buildings that are blend of the British, Arabic, Indian architectural styles, along the streets of the Lamu Island can notice that the city still relies on Dhows, donkeys for commuting from one place to another.

Mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano, and 8th highest mountain in the country and it is located on the border of Uganda and Kenya in the west part of the country, it’s among the best visited places in Kenya that attracts large number of the adventurous tourists who wish to engage in various activities like the climbing, hiking and many others.

Maasai Mara National Reserve.

One’s safari cannot be complete minus visiting Maasai Mara national Reserve in Kenya, as this is the most spectacular game reserve. It is among the major best places in Kenya in that it is the only unique site of migration can be witnessed from the July to October as when the zebras, wildebeest migrate to this region from Serengeti.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

This was established in 1977, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is among the best places to visit in Kenya as in it manages the orphanage which looks after rhinos, elephants and this trust is known to help the Kenya Wildlife Services with funds, and someone can adopt an elephant at his place at only 50 USD.

Best Places to visit in Kenya
David Sheldrick Wildlife

Fourteen Falls.

The fourteen beautiful waterfalls in Kenya have the most amazing activities and the most safari here for the travelers, like the bird watching, fishing, photography, boating, this place is most loved if you take a guided safari of the entire region and know more about its history and the geographical aspect, it’s so amazing and considered as one of the hidden places to visit in Kenya.

Haller Park.

Haller park is the most great in the interaction with the wildlife in the most favorable environment, as the has got the buffalos, hippos, antelopes, giraffes and as well the bird species, various travelers visit the park annually which make it the best place to visit in Kenya.

Kiboko Bay.

Kiboko bay is the most luxury stay in Kenya as this has got the stunning landscapes in the country that offers the unique experiences with also the ample options for the adventure-crazy folks, boat safari, and bird watching and among others.

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