Best Places To Visit In Nairobi During Christmas

Best Places To Visit In Nairobi During Christmas

Best Places To Visit In Nairobi During Christmas : Christmas has arrived, bringing with it the joyous holiday season. Families get together for reunions where they feast on roasted goat, meat, or chicken, often accompanied by foamy dicks for the bottle-lovers. Often centring around family, communities, and togetherness, these events mainly emphasise music, cuisine, and dance. In an attempt to make up for lost time with their family back home, many are packing up and heading upcountry. All animals, with the exception of goats, cows, and chickens, look forward to Christmas since we are constantly too busy to take a break, unwind, and eat a satisfying dinner.

Do not worry if you are stuck in Nairobi. These are some of the best places to visit in Nairobi during Christmas.

Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas Day. The watch-night service will take place in various churches in Nairobi, including the All Saints Cathedral, from 1 pm on Christmas Eve to 1 am on December 25. On New Year’s Eve, there is a religious ceremony called Watch Night, which serves as a period for serious contemplation and introspection. Christians can reflect on the year that has passed, make amends, and get ready for the next year during this time.

The Methodist Church’s founder, John Wesley, was the inspiration behind these services.

Indoor rock climbing
The Blue Sky Climbing Gym on Diamond Plaza provides an excellent option for indoor rock climbing for fun or practice, regardless of experience level or age.

Best Places To Visit In Nairobi During Christmas
Blue Sky Climbing Gym

The National Museum
The Nairobi National Museum is the place to go if you want to learn about Kenyan history while also taking in the stunning photographic exhibit. Along with seeing a variety of animals on a nature walk, you can also shop at their gift shop for some lovely home goods. There is a botanical garden where you can have a picnic if that sounds like a better idea.

There are 150 stores in Village Market, including eateries, retail shops, spas, and a lot more. They have a waterslide where kids may have fun and local and foreign items. You and your mates can go ham at the bowling alley. The concept is that a town can host a variety of events.

Karura Forest on Limuru Road is the ideal destination for nature lovers of all stripes. It is suitable for individuals, families, and even larger groups. Hiking in the forest with your pets is one of the activities available here. Cycling is another. After all the walking, cycling, and hiking, enjoy a charming picnic. While you’re there, take some wildflower photos to preserve the special moments.

Gp Karting
For those who prefer extreme outdoor activities, go karting will allow you to live for a short while like Lewis Hamilton.

Karen Blixen’s House
You can visit Karen Blixen’s house first-hand at the Karen Blixen Museum. The original machinery she employed on her coffee farm is among the many artefacts housed within the museum. The props used in the production of the movie “Out of Africa” are also available. After dining at their restaurant, you can browse at their gift shop.

Best Places To Visit In Nairobi During Christmas
Karen Blixen’s House

Whistling Thorn
Situated on the Kiserian-Isenya Pipeline road, Whistling Thorns is a serene and tranquil location with a view of the Ngong Hills. Whistling Thorns is the ideal location if you’re searching for a romantic, peaceful, and secluded get-away that’s not too far from Nairobi.

You can enjoy hikes with a Masai for two to three hours here. You can go bird watching because there are birds nearby. You can have a full body massage at the spa as well.

Oloolua Nature Trail
In the midst of Karen lies a wonderful nature access point called Oloolua Nature Trail. The Institute of Primate Research (IPR) is located there and it is a portion of the native Oloolua forest. The 5 km walk winds through a stunning forest of native trees, including bamboo. The Oloolua Nature Trail is an excellent, reasonably priced option for campers and walkers.

  • Oloolua Nature Trail has a stunning waterfall that empties into the Mbagathi River. Take in the sight and sound of the water pouring over the falls.
  • As you stroll through the tranquil woodland, pay attention to the cheeping birds.
  • Relax in the bamboo garden: There is a lovely area in the forest with big bamboo clumps next to the river, along with several chairs where people can sit and unwind.
  • Explore a 33-meter cave that is home to bats and small mammals. Oloolua Nature Trail Cave is rumoured to have been a hideout for Mau Mau fighters during the colonial era. It is a clear view, particularly if you have a torch with you.
  • Savour the sight of the papyrus marsh.
  • Take a guided forest trip to learn about environmental conservation.
  • Take your dog for a stroll, cycle, go on a leisurely picnic (be sure to include food, a tent, and cooking tools), and more.

Oloolua Nature Trail Charges
Citizens: Adults Ksh. 200, Children Ksh 100
Non-resident: Adult Ksh. 600, Children Ksh 300
Residents: Adults Ksh. 400, Children Ksh. 200

John Michuki Memorial park
John Michuki Memorial Park, formerly called Mazingira Park, is a green area across the Nairobi River from the Globe Roundabout. There are more than 88 different species of trees in the park. Additionally, there is a 500-seat amphitheatre with natural glass serving as the sitting area’s cushion.

John Michuki National Park provides an excellent setting for picnics, nature walks, and reading a book. The park’s convenient location in the centre of Nairobi’s business district is its best feature. It is also close to the Nairobi Botanical Garden, the Arboretum, and National Museum Walk. You can combine your visit with these parks if you want to spend the entire day at the park.

Another great location to explore this season is the arboretum. This enormous forest is close to the State House and three kilometres from Nairobi’s downtown. It boasts more than 350 species of native and exotic trees, the majority of which have labels. Along with different populations of butterflies, sykes, and vervet monkeys, it is also home to over 100 different species of birds.

City people love to go long walks, have picnics, observe birds, take pictures, record videos, and spend time in the recreational park connecting with their higher power. As long as your dog is leashed, you can go for walks with them. On weekends, large groups frequently visit parks for team-building exercises, and couples relish indulging in romantic moments at isolated locations.

In summary, the above article entails some of the best places to visit in Nairobi during Christmas.

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