Best Restaurants In Nairobi

Best Restaurants In Nairobi

Best Restaurants In Nairobi : Without a doubt, Nairobi is the largest city in the nation. It functions as the main administrative, cultural, and commercial hub of Kenya. Aside from this, the city is also home to some of the best, most modern restaurants. The capital’s restaurant industry has been expanding recently, with new bistros, cafes, and bars opening up. Given this large quantity, one may begin to wonder which restaurants in Nairobi serve the best, high-quality food.

It may be difficult to choose a restaurant in Nairobi whether you’re looking for lunch, brunch, or dinner options. This is particularly valid if you recently moved to the city. Here is a list of the top 10 brasseries in the capital that provide excellent services, saving you the trouble, humiliation, and legwork of finding great eateries in your area.

The menus of Nairobi’s top restaurants feature a wide selection of expertly prepared and cooked dishes. In addition, they are tidy, devoid of lingering flies, offensive smells, and disorganised tables. The greatest and most well-liked restaurants in Nairobi are listed below if you’re wondering which ones are closest to you while you’re in the city. We’ve also provided information about their location.

Lucca Villa Rosa Kempinski
One of Nairobi’s greatest restaurants, Lucca provides high-quality food and service. Distinguished by a deliberately planned interior, the restaurant is a popular choice. A group of skilled chefs who specialise in carefully blending ingredients produce the meals.

Their pasta dishes are unequalled. Your senses will be stimulated by the enticing smells of Villa Rosa Kempinski as soon as you step inside. You can get a cup of tea and two dishes for just Ksh. 2,600.

Location: Chiromo Road, Westlands

Seven Seafood & Grill at ABC
Seven Seafood, which opened its doors in 2010, boasts a committed group of professionals that have spearheaded numerous culinary advancements. This is one of the greatest restaurants in town for dining, with exciting, post-modern decor. As the name implies, a large assortment of seafood is provided. Some of their primary delicacies include lobster, oysters, prawns, and ocean fish, all of which are expertly prepared and delivered fresh every day. The best steak in the city is also available at Seven Seafood. Age is one of several carefully considered considerations when choosing butchered cows. You’ll pay between Ksh. 950 and Ksh. 4,000 for a classy supper and Ksh. 180 to Ksh. 250 for a basic cup of tea or coffee.

Location: James Gichuru Road and Westlands Red Hill Road Junction, Westlands

Best Restaurants In Nairobi
Seven Seafood & Grill at ABC

Malindi Dishes
One of the greatest places in Nairobi to satisfy your hunger for biryani is Malindi Dishes. Typically, their sauce is flavourful and salty, according to your personal preferences. Although the cuisine may not be of the highest calibre, their tastes and spices are exceptional.

There are more dishes available besides biryani, like chapati and tandoori. Nothing should stop you from sampling the treats Malindi Dishes has to offer.

Location: Gaborone Road, Off Luthuli Avenue, CBD

Fonda is the busiest new restaurant in the city, having opened within the last year. Tacos and tequila aficionados who love Mexican food may now savour expertly prepared dishes because of its unwavering authenticity.

Along with a range of other drinks utilised in over fifty margaritas, their menu includes dishes made with Mexican ingredients including corn flour, avocados, black beans and agave spirits. Their laid-back atmosphere is perfect for socialising with loved ones.

Location: Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Limuru Road

Mama Rocks Burgers
In Kilimani, the well-known Mama Rocks snack truck established a semi-permanent establishment with a pricey menu. This building is constructed out of shipping containers that have been expertly painted and decorated with African-inspired furnishings. This place serves more burgers than the truck does. There are also more fried sweet potatoes and unusual, carefully blended cocktails available.

Location: Argwings Khodek Road, Opposite Kilimani Primary School, Kilimani

Tatu at Fairmont Norfolk Hotel
One of the genuine eateries in Nairobi’s central business district that serves above-board food is Tatu. At this restaurant, grilled Angus meat and seafood from the shore are the specialties. Tatu, located in the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel, sets the stage for its major courses concurrently with its open kitchen and African décor.

You can opt to eat here dishes like chunky French fries, roasted ostrich steaks over medium heat, and perhaps a cold Tusker beer. You can also place an order for substitute cocktails.

Location: Harry Thuku Road, CBD

Wasp & Sprout
One of Nairobi’s greatest restaurants, Wasp & Sprout, offers distinctive, eco-friendly coffee shops where you may have your morning meal. It offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options in addition to coffee and tea. There may be board game nights or even open mic nights on some days.

With lots of open space, this is the ideal spot for a hearty and filling breakfast, an extended or short lunch, or even dinner. Additionally, you can choose to read a book from their library while enjoying your tea indoors or outdoors!

Location: Old Loresho Shopping centre, near Loresho Ridge

The Carnivore Restaurant
Given its status as one of Nairobi’s most renowned and greatest restaurants, we all anticipate their cuisine to be of the highest calibre. As claimed, the food served here is scrumptious and mouth watering. Carnivore is a popular dish in the nation among both residents and visitors. This is the perfect location to eat if you are a true meat lover. This restaurant is well-known for their flame-kissed chicken, but they also provide other dishes including roasted ostrich, crocodile, and camel meat that you can slice and serve whenever you’d like. This should be your go-to restaurant if you enjoy barbecued beef. Furthermore, while you watch, they roast the meat. Your mouth and lips will be filled with a Smokey wow.

Location: Lang’ata Road, Near Wilson Airport

Clay Oven
Even though Clay Oven is a relatively new restaurant in Nairobi, it’s a top pick for flavourful and genuine Indian food. Indian chefs that devote their valuable time to cook and make meals that you will undoubtedly want to eat every day create their cuisines.

The restaurant’s quiet, friendly ambiance is perfect for romantic moments spent with friends, family, and lovers. They provide excellent, prompt service that is catered to your needs so you don’t have to wait hours to receive your food.

Location: Fuji Plaza, Waiyaki Way, Westlands

Cloud Nine
One of Nairobi’s best restaurants, Cloud Nine serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to its patrons. You can find here traditional recipes, dishes that are celebrated, and kitchenware. The quality of the food is commensurate with the cost. You can spend between Ksh 600 to Ksh 3,500 on mukimo, githeri, or nyama choma. Recipes for pizza cost between Sh. 850 and Sh. 1,200.

The cost of the main courses will only range from Ksh. 1,500 to Ksh. 1,700, depending on your dining selection. Whether you are a first-time visitor to the capital city or simply seeking a lovely dining establishment, the top 10 restaurants in Nairobi listed above ought to be at the top of your list of places to check out. They provide the greatest services in the city together with a huge selection of cuisines.

Location: 8 School Ln, Clarence House, Nairobi

In summary, this article entails information about the best restaurants in Nairobi.

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