Bomas Of Kenya Attraction

Bomas Of Kenya Attraction : Kenya is a top tourist destination worldwide from the Wildlife up to the cultural safari tours, the country is such a sprawling country with many different tribes and cultures. Bomas of Kenya is located in Nairobi that gives the tourists a chance to explore the Kenya’s diverse cultural tapestry in miniature. Like a country’s famous destination, Bomas of Kenya has got the representations of the diverse sections that the tourists do enjoy starting from the cultural dances, crafts, music, daily life from the different peoples of Kenya and many others all can be experienced on a Kenya safari.

The word Boma means a homestead then Bomas means homesteads in plural meaning the diverse homesteads of the different tribes in Kenya. Bomas of Kenya was established in 1971 as the subsidiary company of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation as a major attraction. And as well it wanted to preserve, maintain and promote the rich diverse Kenyan cultural values of the various tribal groups of Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya is an incredible safari destination that can be sighted by the tourists on a Kenya safari especially during Nairobi city tour. Bomas of Kenya experiences the tourists with the Kenya’s cultural performances with the rich diversity of Kenyan traditional music and dance during the cultural performance. At Bomas of Kenya during a Kenya safari that’s where you enjoy and experience the 50 dances from the different ethnic communities. Together you can have the sighting of the string and wind instruments, and diverse, authentic and energetic dancing. On a Kenya safari it cannot be complete minus enjoying the cultural experiences at the Bomas of Kenya with the Bomas Harambee dancers that will take you in the country’s journey through Kenya’s past and present.

Bomas of Kenya displays all the Kenya’s culture starting from the western Kenya and the shores of Lake Victoria through the Rift Valley, central and Eastern Kenya to North-eastern and the coastal Kenya, where the travelers can enjoy the daily shows with the display of an array of the diverse musical and dance traditions.

Bomas Of Kenya Attraction
Bomas Of Kenya Attraction

On a Kenya safari at the Bomas of Kenya you get to enjoy the dances experiences like the impressive Maasai Eunoto dance, the Kikuyu Circumcision dance the spectacular chukka drummers, coastal Sengenya and the Gonda dances, Swahili Taarab, NubiDholuka dance and among many others.

Bomas of Kenya displays and it has got the collection and preserves cultural artefacts from the various communities in the entire country. You can the catalogue that covers and occupies all the regions in Kenya and communities of Kenya and the ranges from everyday use the artefacts like the stools, food, beverage containers and their storages then to the artifacts reserved for special ceremonies like the traditional circumcision knives, ritual masks and others.

After watching the different dances, songs you as well visit the Utamaduni Restaurant of Bomas of Kenya as this is the first of its kind in Kenya. Here again you experience and be served with the Kenya’s sumptuous meals that are diverse as the traditional cultures of Kenya, because all the meals from the rich culture of Kenya are offered fro here.

Best time to visit Bomas of Kenya.

The best time to visit Bomas of Kenya is all the year around. Though the perfect time is during the dry season from the month of July to October and as well as January and February every year. And the Bomas of Kenya opens daily from 10am to 6pm and then the performances takes place from Monday to Friday from 2:30 pm to 4 pm. And on the weekends and during public holidays, performances are from 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm.

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