Bush Meals And Sundowners on A Kenya Safari

Bush Meals And Sundowners on A Kenya Safari : Kenya safari is the gorgeous safari moment that anyone can receive if you discover its hidden gem. And this can be experienced through different safari ways including game driving, hiking safaris, bird watching safaris, camping safari and many others. And beyond anything there is nothing that beats bush meals and sundowners as this is the primal joy about eating a meal in the raw wilderness of the African savannah. On a Kenya safari this becomes magical in Maasai Mara National Reserve, where it is quite possible that you can be having the quite possible that your views are framed and full of the stunning landscapes and the magnificent wildlife. As you can be served with the special meals as these are the strong reason of a popular activity during a safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve with its wonderful and different options.

Picnic lunch.

Picnic lunch is usually served and prepared for the entire day game outing in Maasai Mara National reserve as you cannot go back to your lodge, camp, lunch. As you go with your packed lunch in the boxes that can be given to you by your camp or lodge with the prior arrangement the night before as to allow them adequate time to prepare the meal boxes. This can be excellent where you spot the wilderness that makes you to perfectly enjoy your meal, with the scenic setting in the wild that makes a truly memorable meal.

Bush breakfast and dinners.

Bush breakfast and dinners do explain more about the meal and mostly for the case of the bush dinner, this rewards the guests with the bonfire with the entertainment like the light music or the tribal dance performances. Mostly the bush meals in Maasai Mara National Reserve are designated in the sites that are generally located outside of but very near the right lodges and camps. As even the guests enjoy to the extra ordinary with only the menus that can range from multi-course fine cuisine to more casual bush barbeque meals, prices for those special meals.

Bush Meals And Sundowners on A Kenya Safari
Bush Meals And Sundowners on A Kenya Safari


After all the long safari activities that takes place in Maasai Mara National Reserve like the elusive game drive and nature walk safaris. You can decide to opt and enjoy sundowners where you can grab and drink your favorite choice of the drink starting from wines, gins, whisks, beers and others to the soft drinks that makes your Kenya safari the most remembered one. This becomes the hot one through with the presence of the company of friends, loved ones together with the combination of the stunning sunset unfolding right before your eyes is very charming experience that is recognizable. In Maasai Mara National Reserve there are many upper end hotel properties in the reserve, many upper end hotel properties in the reserve that offers sundowners that is either pre-included into your stay or as the optional add-on activities.

On a Kenya safari, never miss the unforgettable safari memories while getting yourself with the bush meals in Maasai Mara National reserve where you get enough time to enjoy with your friends, families together with those planning to on the honeymoon in Maasai Mara. This becomes the classiest one if you together combine for the certain special dietary requirements like gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian and even restricted vegetarian like for the Indian Jain diets which excludes the use of onion, garlic, and chill as the ingredients. No matter how the choices are limited for the bush meals, in the house dining the lodge, camps or your hotel. Contact us at focuseastafricatours.com in case you want know special information on the cuisine, dining, bush meals and sundowners on a Kenya safari in Maasai Mara national Reserve.

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