Four Kenyan Stunning Cities You Should See

Four Kenyan Stunning Cities You Should See : When discussing travel to a city in Kenya a few decades ago, Nairobi was nearly always mentioned. Nairobi, whose name is derived from the Maasai expression “Enkare Nyirobi,” was formerly a marshy, virtually useless region. Its meaning is “the place of cool waters.”

Today, however, you have to qualify the word with a specific name because, since then, Kenya has seen the city status of Nairobi joined by places like Mombasa and Kisumu. We provide you with the highlights of each city in this post.

  1. Nairobi.

Nairobi City

In 1899, when the British first arrived in Kenya to establish colonial control, they set up a camp to facilitate the building of the Uganda Railway. Nairobi now lies where this camp formerly stood.

For the thousands of Indian workmen hired by the British to work on the line, it was chosen as a camping area, supply depot and shunting yard (the location where trains are moved from one track to another). Nairobi officially began as a result in 1963.

From then, the city has expanded to become the global centre for safari travel, also referred to as the “Green City in the Sun.” It has battled to maintain this moniker for the past 20 years after nearly losing it.

  1. Mombasa.


With a population of 939,370 in 2009, Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya despite being significantly smaller than Nairobi. Being a coastal city, trade is the main driver of industry. Mombasa has an international airport, and it is connected to Nairobi, the capital, by important highways.

Situated on the southeastern coast of Kenya, Mombasa is linked to the mainland via ferry service and bridges. Many parts of the city and outskirts are on the mainland. A large number of coastal resorts make Mombasa very popular with tourists.

  1. Kisumu.

In terms of population, Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, home to around 968,909 people as of 2009. Although it is a port town, Lake Victoria rather than the Indian Ocean is where it is located. Kisumu has a number of animal sanctuaries in addition to a sizable museum with a life-size model of a Luo farmhouse. Kisumu has ferry service across the lake to Tanzania and Uganda.

Four Kenyan Stunning Cities You Should See
  1. Eldoret.

The city of Eldoret is in western Kenya in Uasin Gishu County. It is located to the south of the lovely Cherangani Hills. The city’s population was 289,380 in the 2009 census. It’s thought to be Kenya’s town with the quickest rate of growth. It is also the second-largest urban centre in midwestern Kenya after Nakuru and the fifth largest urban centre in Kenya.

The neighboring Sosiani River has an extremely stony bed, hence the name Eldoret, which comes from the Maasai word “eldore,” which meaning “stony river.” The white settlers chose to call it Eldoret to make it easier for them to pronounce it. Eldoret today is known as the Home of Champions, most of Kenya’s successful athletes have their roots in this city.

From Nairobi, you now know three more. Next time you are in Kenya be specific about the city you want to visit because there are four! We would love to hear about your experience visiting or living in any of these cities. Which additional towns, in your opinion, ought to become cities?

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