Hemingways Watamu

Hemingways Watamu : Kenya’s shoreline, which is synonymous with safari in kenya and the big five, is frequently misunderstood in favour of the nation’s outstanding wildlife reserves. But this is one area of the world you don’t want to miss out on, with vast stretches of white beach and an ocean teeming with humpback whales, wild spinner dolphins, and brightly coloured fish.

But the people who work here are what really make this five-star resort feel like a home away from home—it’s not just the surroundings that add to the magic. The diligent employees at Hemingways take this hotel from great to genuinely remarkable. They are always willing to talk.

The village of Watamu, where Hemingways is situated, is an incredibly exceptional natural haven. It serves as the starting point for one of Kenya’s first protected marine parks and is classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because of its profusion of coral gardens and amazing marine life.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is one hour and fifteen minutes away by plane from the hotel, which is located in the town of Malindi, 30 minutes away. If not, it takes around two hours to go there from Mombasa over a breathtaking coastline route where the water is constantly changing colour from cobalt blue to azure to the brightest turquoise. Every day, direct flights are offered by British Airways from London to Nairobi, with return tickets starting at about £600.

Which style?

Bright whites, gentle blues, and sage greens make up the hotel’s modern colour scheme, which highlights the surrounding area’s natural beauty. The centrepiece of the facility is the large open restaurant area, which offers amazing views of the ocean from nearly every direction. Here, wicker tables and chairs are adorned with cushions in floral prints, fresh flowers, and artwork inspired by shells and coral, giving an homage to the ocean.

On the other side, the bar’s laid-back vibe gives off a little more rustic vibe thanks to its wooden details and emphasis on deep-sea fishing, as evidenced by the life-size cast models of hammerheads and marlin that proudly line the walls. It makes me think of places I’ve been to in Key West and Havana, which the hotel’s namesake, Ernest Hemingway, also went to frequently. I can already picture the drunk writer, sipping a strong cocktail and surveying the area as dusk falls.

A large on-site tennis court and well-equipped gym are perfect for fitting in a holiday run or workout, while a few spotless swimming pools and the tranquil spa appeal to those who just want to fly and flop.

Hemingways rooms

Hemingways Watamu offers 76 rooms, ranging from premium singles to two-bed apartments, all with an ocean view. The Residence apartments are the best choice for an amazing trip. The eighth residence is one of the most impressive, with an expansive open-plan dining-living-kitchen area larger than most London apartments, a separate twin bedroom with its own en suite bathroom and large bathtub, a private wrap-around terrace with daybed and loungers, and so much more.

Hemingways offers comfortable Kenya safari accommodations for guests to stay for months at a time, including two large, comfortable sofas, a work desk, a circular oak dining table, and a fully equipped kitchen. A sizable walk-in wardrobe is also included. Like the rest of the hotel, the decor is charmingly understated, with no emphasis on pomp or bother. The real draw, though, is the views.

Hemingways Food and drinks

Sometimes buffet dining translates into dull or low-quality food, but that’s not the case at Hemingways. Pancakes, tart passion fruits, fresh fruit juices, and locally grown melons are among the many delicious alternatives available for breakfast. But there’s everything you could possibly want, served with a view of the Indian Ocean, including waffles, pastries, eggs, crispy bacon, and an abundance of delicious Kenyan tea and coffee.

Every evening, there’s a buffet option as well as the ability to order a la carte, with seafood being the most popular choice. Fresh shrimp with garlic and chilli, native grilled rock lobster covered in butter, and any of the house specialties like fish creole, Swahili coconut chicken, and black pepper kingfish are all delicious.

There is a sizable Italian community in the Watamu coastal region that dates back to the 1960s, thus finding excellent gelato and spaghetti in the city is not rare. Papa Remo, who is nearby, provides excellent service while serving portions of real Italian food.

Hemingways Watamu
Hemingways Watamu

Visit the coral gardens

Even while it would be simple to unwind for a week at Hemingways, it would be a mistake to skip a visit to the coral gardens, which are teeming with incredibly graceful marine creatures including snappers, lionfish, parrotfish, and sweetlips. The hotel can set up boat trips that depart right from the beach in front of the hotel. This allows visitors to spend a few hours snorkelling, watching wild dolphins, or even getting up close and personal with humpback whales, which are visible for about four months of the year, starting in June.

A short drive from the hotel is a community-run initiative called Eco World Watamu, which gathers plastic garbage for sorting and recycling. Through collaboration with neighbourhood women’s and youth organisations, the organisation raises awareness about recycling and beach clean-ups. You can schedule a tour of the centre through the hotel, which offers an inspiring overview as well as the opportunity to purchase a recycled memento.

Are you still pining for the big five? Elephants can occasionally be seen at the watering holes in Arabuko Sokoke Swamp right before dusk. After that, take a bottle of wine and set out on a magnificent single-sailed dhow for a sunset trip along Mida Creek. It’s the perfect way to cap off a day spent in paradise.

This location truly does suit everyone, whether they are daydreamers, nature enthusiasts, couples, friends, or family. Hemingways Watamu is the ideal tropical vacation spot or the best place to unwind after a safari with its direct beachfront access, countless activities, friendly staff, and fresh home-cooked seafood.

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