Hot air Balloon Safaris in Kenya

Hot air Balloon Safaris in Kenya : In every environment, hot air balloon safaris are thrilling. But a safari in a hot air balloon above the Masai Mara National Reserve is an adventure of a lifetime. We strongly advise adventurous visitors to book a minimum three-day stay at the reserve to give time for this experience in addition to your other safari activities, such as game drives, bush walks, village visits, and more.

A parent or legal guardian must provide accommodations for children who are at least four years old. We advise people to be in decent physical shape. Adults who weigh more than 265 pounds (120 kg) may be forced to pay for an additional spot on the balloon (at a cost of twice as much) as a safety precaution, though the pilot may decide to ignore this requirement depending on flight capacity with prior consent.

We provide some general information about a hot air balloon’s operation and what to anticipate for our visitors who have never been on a hot air balloon tour in Africa or abroad. The launch and recovery typically require a staff of 20–25 persons. You might get a chance to watch the balloon, also known as “envelope,” being inflated when you go to the launch site.

The envelope is spread across the ground and opened by the ground team. The envelope is partially inflated using a large fan. The crew fastens the hob and basket once the envelope is around halfway full. During inflation, the basket’s connection to the ground is completely intact. The envelope is fully inflated using the burner.

It’s an amazing safari experience to see the inflation and preparation since you can soon appreciate the balloon’s genuinely enormous size. The crew assists passengers in boarding the balloon after it has fully inflated. Your balloon’s basket is divided into a number of compartments for your comfort and security. Your pilot will go through safety precautions with you and the other guests as the ground staff steadies the balloon. The burner is restarted after everything is in place, and you can feel the balloon rising above the ground.

The balloon is safely launched after the crew steers the basket. A hot air balloon safari is never the same twice. The air currents, such as wind speed and direction, are what the balloons rely on. Only the up and down movement is under the pilot’s control. This is why each hot air balloon safari includes a special and private tour of the Masai Mara National Reserve and why hot air balloons need a chasing squad!

The best part is that hot air balloons sail over safari vehicle-only portions of the reserve. Even the altitude of your balloon ride varies throughout your journey; occasionally, you soar high above the plains so you can see for miles, and other times, you stay closer to the ground so you can get up-close views of the animals.

Hot air Balloon Safaris in Kenya
Hot air Balloon Safaris in Kenya

For all visitors staying in the reserve or in private conservancies, Focus East Africa Tours may organize hot air ballooning in the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park; however, pickup times do vary depending on the distance from the launch location. During their safari, multigenerational families and small groups can also book private hot air balloon safaris; depending on the month of travel, a discounted pricing might be available.

Your hot air balloon safari starts early in the morning. You awaken to the peaceful sounds of the East African bush, which may include a distant roar from a lion, the delicate notes of local birds, rustling of the vegetation indicating the presence of a huge mammal, and low grunts and snorts of hippos returning to the river. Images from the game drive across the Masai Mara National Reserve the day before are still fresh in your mind (see more about the ideal time to travel) and the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro views in Amboseli National Park mean a lot during the hot air balloon safari.

The awe and astonishment you will undoubtedly experience as you float over the savannah plains in a hot air balloon has peaked your curiosity. You are abruptly awakened by a quiet voice outside your tent, and you quickly change into your go-to safari outfit for Kenya. Since you know the air will be cold, you put on long pants and a loose-fitting top before donning your hiking boots.

The final items you need are gathered as you leave: a hat, long-sleeved jacket or thermal fleece, camera, and binoculars. By the 4×4 truck, a member of the ground crew is waiting for you. After boarding, you set out across the wide plains. You can learn some fascinating things about animal behavior in the early morning hours. A baby elephant playfully chases different birds, hyenas congregate around a lion kill’s remnants, and a gazelle jumps from the grasslands.

Some of the launch crew are visible in the distance where the enormous balloon, which is just partially inflated, billows in the light morning breeze. You keep a close eye on the staff as they install the hob and basket. The scene is abruptly illuminated by an orange flame, which contrasts well with the dawn’s delicate pastel hues.

You finally enter the basket after some time has passed. Waiting for the debut increases your anticipation. The balloon is expertly steadyed by the ground crew as the burner is steadily lit by the pilot. As you see the ground go, an odd sensation arises in your stomach. Looking across the area, you can make out what you think are the outermost borders of the terrain.

Beautiful features, such gentle rolling hills, meandering rivers, and lush grasslands, emerge before your eyes as you soar over them. From here, you can see how easy it is to spot several species of wildlife, including giraffes, elephants, gazelles, hippos, and other grazers and foragers. If you’re lucky, you might even see majestic hunters like lions, hyenas, and cheetahs.

You obtain a better understanding of the Mara ecosystem’s complexity as well as the interdependence of flora, fauna, and humans as you soar above the reserve. You can observe how animals move to a new source of vegetation to eat.

Watching herds walk towards the water to drink and bathe is fascinating. You observe a conflict over breeding rights between two elephant males. You watch as a mother cheetah sweeps smoothly through the thick grasses in search of food for her offspring. A fish eagle soars across the broad sky before plunging to the surface of the river to catch a fish.

Although a hot air balloon Kenya safari only lasts for approximately an hour, the experience is priceless and well worth the hefty cost. When you land, the ground team assists you in getting out of the basket and leads you to a charming location for a bush breakfast. A traditional champagne toast honours not just your accomplishments but also the breathtaking beauty you have discovered while on your wonderful dream trip in Africa.

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