How Far Is Chyulu Hills From Nairobi?

How Far Is Chyulu Hills From Nairobi? Chyulu Hills national park is easily accessed because it is known to be about 186 kilometers away from Nairobi, which is recognized as the capital city of Kenya. This national park is located in the Southeastern region close to Tsavo West National park covering a total surface area of about 741 square kilometers with a main purpose of protecting volcanic mountains in the country. Chyulu hills national park is also commonly referred to as the land of black frozen lave which is made of rounded hills, volcanic vents that consist of black lava flows, which go through irregular intervals. More so, this national park has many tourist attractions which lead many tourists to move from many parts of the world in order to visit the park contributing a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of Kenya and some of these attractions include; chyulu hills which consist of many small flows, cones and leviathan cave which is divided into different sections like; the upper leviathan and lower leviathan and many wildlife species among others. Chyulu hills national park is surrounded with a beautiful scenery of barren lava flows, volcanic ash cones, big black rocks, grasslands, thick forests and it is always covered with a green lush vegetation.

Best time to visit in Chyulu Hills national park.

For tourists planning on traveling on a safari to  visit in Chyulu Hills national park are encouraged to visit during the dry season which is considered to be the best time and it is between months of June to September and from January and February however, they can still visit at any time throughout the year. And this is considered the best period to visit because it is during this season that there happens to be few rainfalls and the savannah grassland is always short which enables tourists to capture clear views of the beautiful nature and wildlife species which are always spotted moving through park while searching for food.

Things to do in Chyulu Hills National park.

Exploring within Chyulu Hills national park blesses you with great opportunities to engage in several activities where they can gain new experiences and create remarkable memories. Therefore, some of these activities like;

 Bird watching.

Chyulu hills national park is good destination for bird lovers to visit because it harbours many bird species due to the fact it is dominated by good savannah vegetation and dense forest, which act as good natural habitats to the birds. And some of the birds that can be spotted within this park include; Zoothera gurneyi, Heiraaetus ayressi, pogonocichla, francolinus shelleyi, bradypterus cinnamomeus, white-eyed , bradornis, microrhynchus, slaty-flycatcher, olive sunbird, scarlet chested sunbird, thrush nightingale, white-starred rbin, collared sunbird, bronze sunbird, ruppell’s robin-chat, African grey flycatcher among others.

 Wildlife viewing.

Chhyulu Hills national park is a seen as a great destination to travel to while on your adventurous Kenya safari because it is a home to many mammal species such as; the Eastern black rhinos, lions, elands, bush bucks, cape buffalos, bush pigs, leopards, Masai giraffe, cheetahs, mountain reedbucks, steenbok, wildebeests, grants zebras and there are snake species like; the rock python, puff adder, black mamba among others.

Game drives.

Tourists can also choose to embark on game drive activities which are usually done into three different sessions which gives individuals to choose what time they prefer to go on the drives for example; in the morning, afternoon or evening. And while on these game drives, tourists get chances to sight see at many wildlife species such as; leopards, lions, mountain reedbucks, masai giraffe, zebras, cheetahs, cape buffalos, elands, wildebeests, elephants, zebras and many others.


How Far Is Chyulu Hills From Nairobi?
Chyulu Hills national park

Hiking to the top of the Chyulu hills is one the most exciting things to do within this national park. In addition, hiking rewards tourists to capture classic views of the beautiful scenery of the part at large and see the ranges of mount Kilimajaro. More so, this activity always involves tourists go through different trails and be able to see many wildlife and bird species.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many more activities that one can do such as; horse riding, camping due to the fact there camping grounds like; Kathisayo and kiboko campsites which are always available for campers to access.

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