Intresting Wildlife In Kenya

Intresting Wildlife In Kenya : Kenya is popularly known as the world-renowned wildlife destination in the entire world. Kenya has got the a variety of the national parks and national reserves that have the specific species, through the conservation efforts, which aids the country to inhabit the variety of wildlife hence making various tourists to come and explore the beautiful destination. Select Kenya as your next wildlife safari destination you will never get disappointed, because the country has a lot to explore for you.

Interesting Wildlife in Kenya.

Big five mammals.

Kenya is the excellent safari destination that harbors most of the Big five mammals that includes the lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and the leopards. Kenya has more safari destinations with the big five mammals like Amboseli national park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru national park, Tsavo national park, Aberdare national park, Nairobi national park, Samburu national park, Lewa conservancy and among others.

Big five mammals are very impressing and attractive animal species that can be seen  on a Kenya safari and these mainly are seen though the game drives, walking safaris, horseback ride with the well experienced safari guides that gives you the entire information about these animal species as you are enclosing them while observing their characteristics.

Great wildebeest.

Great wildebeest migration is the largest animal migration in the world. This takes place annually where more than  millions of wildebeest, thousands of zebra, and thousands of gazelles, impalas, eland and among others, do migrate clockwise direction across ecosystems of Serengeti national park in Tanzania, and moves to Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya where they cross Mara River, to reach the reserve, this takes places during July to October, which attracts more tourists from worldwide to come to Kenya to witness the third natural wonders and among 10 wonders in the world.

Intresting Wildlife In Kenya
Wildebeest Migration


Kenya is the famous safari destination known for the different attractive and colorful flamingos. Lake Nakuru inside Lake Nakuru national park which is the famous lake known for the large number of the pink flamingos, these attract various number of the bird lovers to land in the country specifically for the flamingos, these flamingos are of two different types that is the lesser and greater flamingos.

There are other Great Rift Valley lakes known for the flamingos in Kenya including Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria and among others which makes Kenya a leading birding haven. Not only the flamingos Kenya has got other bird species that are located in the country including Kingfisher, Waterfowl, Hornbills, Nightjars, Guineafowl, Pigeons, doves and among many others, Intresting Wildlife In Kenya.


Kenya is the best safari destination with the large number of the giraffes. Giraffes in Kenya are spotted in the famous Giraffe Manor the one currently known as the Nairobi center. This is the beautiful center that is known for the Rothschild giraffes where they are preserved and protected in Kenya. The tourists enjoy beyond with these giraffes where they experience having breakfast with them which gives them the strong relationship with nature.

Kenya has other destinations where the tourists can spot the giraffes that includes Hell’s gate national park, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Mara Naboisho conservancy, Lake Naivasha and among others. Kenya is the right destination with the endless wildlife which gives the best safari moments to the tourists.

Intresting Wildlife In Kenya
Giraffe Center

Special five/rare animal species.

Kenya is the attractive safari destination in the entire East Africa with the special five or the rare animal species that are all located in one reserve. The special animal species includes the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, generuk, reticulated giraffe,Beisa Oryx these are active animal species with the unique characteristics that are found in the northern part of Kenya in the Laikipai region. The rare animal species are located in the Samburu National Reserve, not only the rare animal species the reserve has well has the big five animal species which makes the reserve to be the strong bond destination for wildlife in Kenya that attracts over millions and millions of the tourists to come and explore the destination.

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