Kenya safari adventure safari

Kenya safari adventure safari : Kenya has an exciting and fun filling range of adventure kenya safari tour activities for visitors looking for heart-pounding thrills amid breathtaking scenery. Kenya’s diversity and beauty know no bounds. Discover Kenya’s coral gardens in the Indian Ocean, walk Africa’s second-highest mountain, go on a camel safari, white water raft through national parks home to lions, or ride in a hot-air balloon over the savannah. In Kenya, the adventure tourism industry is flourishing. The variety of things to do in one nation attracts tourists to this place. These are a few of the most well-liked

Mountain climbing in Kenya

Visit the Kenyan Mountain Climbing Club for an exhaustive list of the top climbing locations in the nation. The most well-known Kenya safari tour hikers is Mount Kenya, Kenya’s tallest peak. Though some of them are best left to expert mountaineers, there are three distinct peaks. It’s doable for beginners, and the view is breathtaking. You should also think about: Lukenya which is found in Machakos which is 45 minutes’ drive from Nairobi. There are several different climbing routes available, such as overhangs, jamming cracks, and face climbs. There are more over a hundred documented single-pitch climbs in Frog Cliffs, another location near the capital.

At the outskirts of Nairobi Just 90 minutes away , there is the  magnificent Hell’s Gate National Park, which is close to Lake Naivasha. Hells Gate National Park main attractions is climbing on the Main Wall and Fischer’s Tower, a 100-foot pinnacle.

 In Tsavo National Parks there are routes of about  100 to 300 metres  in Kichwa Tembo and the Elephant Rocks for hiking . But since this is a national park with many of untamed and hungry animals, you will need to arrange for a ranger to go with you. You may do this by contacting the Mountain Climbing Club of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service.

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Kenya

Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most amazing safari in kenya destinations. The park  attracts thousands of visitors each year, drawn from all over the world attractions by the well-known picture of a balloon floating idly over the Maasai Mara. Experience the predawn Mara from breathtaking heights—there’s nothing like it in the world. Balloon safaris in Kenya start before dawn. After being transported to the launch location in the reserve for a safety briefing, you will be picked up from your lodging. There are plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife while setting up, as this is the peak hunting season for Maasai Mara carnivores. After an hour-long balloon expedition, a champagne brunch is typically served.

White water rafting in Kenya

The most well-liked whitewater rafting location in Kenya is the Tana River. While there are some more difficult parts for seasoned rafters, it’s still manageable for beginners to attempt. Just a few hours separate it from Nairobi. River Rafting on the Mathioya: This river is best suited for more experienced rafters. The river is technical, narrow, and has a sharp drop. Furthermore, it may be quiet even when it’s raining. It should be noted that rafting the Mathioya River .

The Athi River passes through Tsavo National Park as it runs south from Nairobi. Many tour companies offer multi-day trips that often involve more boat-based safari/game viewing and less white-water rafting. There will be plenty of chances to observe the entire range of Kenyan wildlife, including lions, hyenas, elephants, hippopotamuses, leopards, and all of their hooved and clawed members.

Kakamega Forest is a natural forest which provides a camping excursion through this Kenyan “jungle” lasting three days and two nights. One of the last remaining intact regions of Kenya’s rainforest is the Kakamega Forest, which it used to extended into Uganda. The river has both long, flat stretches and rapid falls.

Walking safaris in Kenya

In Kenya, walking safaris are categorised into two kinds of safaris: camel safaris and foot safaris. This is true adventurous travel in Kenya. Unlike ordinary safaris when you hurry around in a 4×4 and miss the intricacies of Kenyan wildlife, a walking or camel safari allows you to completely immerse yourself in nature. Walking safaris are still a relatively new concept in Kenya, however most hotels can arrange a bush walk. A walking or camel safari entails a multi-day, nomadic journey through the bush that culminates in a night-time camping location.You don’t usually walk all day; instead, you usually take a break for a relaxing afternoon at a convenient watering hole or picturesque spot. Upon your arrival, meals are prepared, camp is set up, and equipment is transported.

Hiking in Kenya

In Kenya, hiking is undoubtedly the ultimate example of kenya safari tour adventure. Trekking across the country’s national parks, woods, and mountains will allow you to see Kenya’s many ecosystems and landscapes. In addition to the Aberdare Range in Aberdare National Park, Mount Longonot, Hell’s Gate National Park, and the Ngong Hills, there are many other isolated and off-the-beaten-path trekking spots. These hiking routes are all beautiful with expansive vistas.

Kite surfing in Kenya

At certain times of the year, it’s difficult to think of a better spot to kite surf than the Kenyan coast. The purest of white sand beaches, blue waters, the precarious protrusion of shallow sandbars, and reef sharks with black tips skimming the bottom. Kenya provides kite surfers with some beautiful spots to learn or simply get out there and ride the waves.

Kenya safari adventure safari
Kite surfing in Kenya

 Diani Beach: Diani Beach is popularly known  for its white sands and crystal-clear blue waters, This beautiful  Beach is situated on Kenya’s southern coast and is one of the  perfect spots  to go for kite surfing. Both first time learners  and expert kite surfers will find ideal conditions in the steady breezes and shallow waters. An excellent place to learn kite surfing  is the Kenyaways Kitesurfing Beach Hotel.

Watamu: Watamu offers broad beaches and consistent wind patterns. There are also more snorkelling and diving options at the adjacent Watamu Marine National Park. For kitesurfing, I heartily recommend Tribe Water sports. Other kenya safari tour water sport activities provided here include ;wind winging, stand-up paddle boarding, dolphin and snorkelling excursions, and touring Mida Creek Tours.

Lamu Island: This beautiful island is located on Kenya’s north coast near the Somalia border in the Kenyan coast. Lamu Island along the Kenyan coast is one of the best kite surfing places in Kenya . This is attributed to its friendly winds that are always  favourable during certain periods of the year. The Kaskazi wind which blows from December to January, and the Kuzi wind which blows all through from June to August.

Snorkelling and Scuba diving in Kenya

Kenya has amazing prospects for undersea adventure tourism in the Indian Ocean. The Kenya Coast is almost entirely covered with coral reefs, and the 65-island archipelago of Lamu offers excellent diving and snorkelling. Watamu Marine National Park and Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park are two of Kenya’s five designated marine parks. Large pelagics, tropical fish, coral, and marine life are all abundant. I will spare you the wittering; instead, read my scuba diving blog, which describes Kenya’s top dive sites and marine parks.

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