Kericho safari destination

Kericho safari destination is described as an agro tourism safari that encourages agriculture on how it’s supposed to be done, Kericho is a safari that no farmer should never fail to visit, Kericho is famous for the tea production, as the visitors on a safari to Kenya they will get exposed to the production of the tea from stage one of growing, picking the tea leaves until the final product of the tea. Kericho Kenya safari destination has a stunning landscape and the culture of the people who stay near that place and their life style.

Kericho is known as the biggest town in Kericho County located in the highlands west of the Kenya Rift Valley, it stands on the edge of the Mau Forest, it has warm and temperate climate which makes it an ideal location for an agriculture and in particular the largest cultivation of the tea.

Kericho safari destination
Kericho safari destination

Kericho is a home to the best of Kenyan Tea which is renowned worldwide for its taste with its town square even known as Chai Square, some of the largest tea companies in Kenya includes the Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson tea are all based here, it is also known as the home to the popular Ketepa  brand.  Kericho is a tourist favor town situated to the west of the Kenyan Rift Valley, coming under the Kericho County, The surrounding areas of Kericho are commonly for their production of tea that is famous to be gorgeous colour, fragrance, brightness and its taste is highly demanded everywhere in the world and the Kericho’s tea is even exported to the outside countries like UK, USA, Qatar, China and many others.

Kericho safari destination has got the Chai which is in Hindi language meaning tea, which is the main square of the town of Kericho, this attracts a variety of the tourists to the Kericho because it houses the plenty of the tea stalls with different flavors of the local teas that are more loved and liked by various tourists, as the place is very conducive because of its nice environment.

On your safari to the Kericho, the tourists can as well visit Mau forest which is the East Africa’s largest native montane forest, and is known as one of the identities of Kericho, the forest covers an area of 273,330 hectares and it is recognized as the Kenya’s largest water catchment area, the guests on a safari in the Mau forest can observe various animal species and  bird species that are endemic including the Hartlaub’s Turaco, Jackson’s Francolin, Hunter’s Cisticola and among many others here in the forest.

Climate of Kericho.

Kericho has the warm and overcast climate that is over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 540 F to 800 F and is rarely below 51 0F or above 840 F.

Best time to visit Kericho.

The best time to visit Kericho is from January until March, June until September and November and December, that’s when you can have a pleasant temperature and limited till mediocre rainfall, the highest average temperature in Kericho is 780 F in February and the lowest is 680 F in June. Based on the tourism score.

How to get to Kericho.

Kericho can be accessed in different ways either by the road transport or air transport from Nairobi city to the Kericho.

By Air transport.

Kericho has an airstrip but the flights are infrequent, so it is advised for the visitors to reach Kisumu International Airport and first take airport taxi or bus from there to get to Kericho. The Kisumu International Airport is served by the Kenya Airways, fly 540 and East African safari Air from the scheduled flights from the national capital Nairobi.

Kericho safari destination
Kericho safari destination

By Road transport.

By means of the bus, here Kericho is linked to many important cities of the country like Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nairobi to Kericho.

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