Nairobi National Park – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Nairobi National Park Big five

Nairobi National Park Big five, is the African great wildlife safari experience is mostly renowned for its Africa Big 5. The word Big 5 across all the African protected areas meant not the largest animals in the wilderness of Africa but the most challenging animals to the hunters, the European international hunters named these animals after facing great difficulties whenever they encounter them in Africa because the animals are the most  dangerous and deadly species in the wilderness. The African big five are the lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants.

The Pak is one of the national parks in Kenya not only in Kenya but also East Africa, the park is situated in the South-Central Kenya in the south of Nairobi and is famous for its black rhinos, and the good population of the wildlife in the park has made the park one of the most visited parks in Kenya. The Big five in Nairobi National Park, the park has got the four members of the big five in the park missing out the elephants due to the fact that the park in situated in the Nairobi city there is no space for expansion to sustain elephants since elephants require the large space. Nairobi National Park has got the big five like (buffalo, leopard, lion and rhino) and lucking the elephants to make the complete big five in the park. Other animal species in Nairobi National Park includes the baboon, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and many more.

The Big five in Nairobi National Park.


Nairobi National park is sometimes called the Kifaru Ark, which means the Rhinoceros sanctuary, it is one of the Kenya’s most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries, and it is one of only a few national parks where the visitors can be certain of seeing a black rhinoceros in their natural habitats. In Nairobi National Park the rhinos are the key member of the Big 5 in the park. The rhinos are commonly seen in the morning and the late evening in the park during your game viewing that’s when the rhinos can be active.

Nairobi National Park Big five

Nairobi National Park has the highest number of the black rhinos among the big five in the park, and a good population of the southern white rhinos. The Park is another spot for the rhinos in Kenya, the park has over 50 critically endangered black rhinos, the densest population in the world. The White rhino in Nairobi National Park are the grazers and have a square upper lip, in constract to black rhinos, which are browsers, carry their heads  higher, and have triangular, hook-shaped upper lips evolved to strip leaves off low-growing trees and bushes.


Leopards are the most tricky and rare member of the Big five in Nairobi National Park. The leopards are very shy but dangerous animals which spend most of their time in trees. They leave solo life unless they are mating then you will get them paired in the park, to get a chance to see the leopards the driver guide must be senior since it needs an eagle eye to see them, it is rare for someone to get close to them unless you get it hunting, the leopards have dislikes like the Cheetah but more muscular than a cheetah. The front legs of the leopards are more built that enables them to carry the prey which can double its weight up into the tree.


Lions are well known as the king of the juggle, in the park are among the animals of the Big 5 in the park, due to the small size of the park its easy to view the lions during your visit to the park. The lions are known to be the most sought after trophies of all the Big 5 game animals. In Nairobi National Park the lions can be seen during the night game drive, as the action packed when they are busy hunting the prey as they prefer hunting during the coldness. The lions in that after their meal of the day they take longer hours resting in the same place making guests to enjoy while viewing at them. The lions naturally like hunting in a group as the females are the most hunters while the males wait for killed ones, the lions do move two especially during the mating period.

Nairobi National Park Big five


Buffaloes are also among the big five of the Nairobi National park. Nairobi National Park hosts large herds of buffalos that stir up most times across the national park, the buffalos graze communally in the large groups which is led by a dominant male, Buffalos seem to be the simple animals but much aggressive when they charge though they take long to charge but very dead.

The Park has other large and diverse wildlife population, the  other animal species in the park includes the giraffe, hippopotamus, spotted hyena, blue wildebeest, plain zebra, cheetah, Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, common eland, warthog, olive baboon, black-backed jackal and many more. These animal species during your safari to Kenya can make it the perfect one not disappointing you, the available vegetation in the park is the one that influences the animal species to stay and surround the Nairobi National Park, due to the proximity of the park being near Nairobi it has got a lot of the tourists to come visit the park due to the presence of the Big five especially the Rhinos.

nairobi National park buffaloes

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