Perfect time to visit Kenya

Perfect time to visit Kenya : Kenya is an excellent safari destination for a tour, but when is the best time of year to go on one? The answer depends on what you want, what you expect, and what the Kenyan seasons have to give. A lot of tourists visit during peak season, which is also the best time to see wildlife. The shoulder seasons are a good middle ground between the two, and the low season is by far the best choice for a cheap safari.

The good news is that Kenya has pleasant weather all year long. No matter when you go, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful African animals and scenery that will take your breath away. Even during the busiest times of the year, there are places to go on safari where you can avoid the crowds.  There are almost 100 different tour packages in Kenya that are made to fit different budgets and tastes.

Best Time to Visit Kenya on Safari?

From June to October is the best time to go on an African safari in Kenya. The rainy season is over. When it doesn’t rain much or at all, the African bush starts to thin out, and animals start to gather around drinking holes. This means that this is the best time to watch a game. If you want to see lots of animals that are easy to spot, the best tour months in Kenya are June through October.

Sounds easy? Well, there are a few things you should remember. First, it’s not a secret when the best time is to go on a trek in Kenya. During these months, tens of thousands of wildlife fans head to safari destinations like the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Lake Nakuru. It can get busy in the parks. Second, there aren’t many places to stay during peak season because there is so much demand. Prices go up when there is a lot of desire and not enough supply. The peak season in Kenya is the best time of year for your safari, but also the most costly.

Best Time to See Kenya’s Great Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most famous and sought-after safari adventures in all of Africa. Seeing thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River, which is full of crocodiles, is a memorable sight. Even though the migration happens all year, the wildebeest start to gather around July on the southern edge of the Maasai Mara. If you want to go on tour to see the Mara River crossing, the best time to go to Kenya is from late July to early September. Every year, thousands of people go to Kenya to see one of nature’s most amazing shows. The crossing of the Mara River happens in the middle of Kenya’s hunting season. Prepare for high tourist numbers, and high prices too.

Best Time for a Budget Safari in Kenya.

The rainy season in Kenya is from November to May. From November to February, there are short rains, and from March to May, there are long rains. During this time, the scenery is full of green plants. When there is plenty of food and water, wild animals tend to spread out into the vegetation, making it harder to see them. You will still see a lot of wild game, including the “big five,” but not as many as during the dry season’s peak.

Perfect time to visit Kenya
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During the rainy season, you can save money by going on vacation. Because safari operators compete for the tourists who do come, prices are lower. Compared to peak season, there aren’t as many tourists at this time of year. When there are fewer people, there is more room and the safari feels more personal.

From March to May is when you can get the most for your money. When it rains a lot, the roads get muddy and often can’t be used. At this time of year, many adventure camps close. For those willing to battle the mud, there are bargains to be had.  There are a few other benefits, though, that don’t have anything to do with how cheap it is.

Best Time for Photographers.

The wet season in Kenya starts in November. The hot, dry land drinks eagerly and comes back to life. The wet season rain takes the dust out of the air and gives the land in Africa a lot of water. Photographers love the lush scenery, clear air, and dramatic afternoon weather. During the low-safari season, when there aren’t as many tourists, many photographers go to Kenya to take advantage of the cheap prices, beautiful scenery, and chance to shoot Africa’s big game in the wildest places.

Best Time for Bird Watchers.

Kenya’s wet season is great for bird watchers, as well as being cheaper for safaris, having fewer tourists, and having beautiful scenery. Africa has a huge number of different kinds of birds. Migrating birds from Europe and other parts of Africa will show up when it rains and there is plenty of food. There are a lot more birds than before. Those who like to watch birds will love this.

The Best Time to Safari in Kenya?

The whole point of an African tour is to see wild animals where they live in the wild. So, the dry season from June to October is the best time to go on safari in Kenya. Safaris are also about getting to know Africa. Kenya is a great place to go on safari all year long, and each season has its own charm. There are safari packages for just about every kind of budget, and Focus East Africa Tours also gives private safari tours that are made just for you.

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