Safari Festivals in Kenya

Safari Festivals in Kenya  : Kenya is the right decision to take when it comes to Kenya safari tourism destination, the country is known for its richness that makes it to be known as the jewel of the African tourism which boasts everyone to come for a safari in the country, despite the fact that the country is the top safari leading destination because of its wildlife, on the other hand Kenya is the country that has got the concentration cultures that is full of the diverse influences, Kenya is as well famous because of its many festivals that makes tourists to consider it as their right choice for the greatest travel experiences.

Safari festivals in Kenya.

Mombasa Carnival.

Mombasa carnival is such amazing to the tourists who come to visit Kenya, this can be stunning with the ethnic outfits, music and dance, extravagant parades and among others can be done in the Mombasa carnival, this can be impressive and it is considered as one of the most popular and loved festivals in Kenya, and this can be such attractive that led to the tourists to come to the place for the festival.

Safari Festivals in Kenya
Mombasa Carnival

Mombasa carnival is the touted most popular festival in all of Kenya, this is huge event by the side of the Indian ocean and can be held in early November, festival holds the range of the different cultures from across the country all meeting at the biggest cultural hubs in East Africa.

Nairobi Restaurant week.

Nairobi restaurant week is such attractive and charming festival in Kenya and this usually happens around January or February this majorly happens to offer you the chance to eat on some of the city’s most acclaimed restaurants at very friendly prices, this is loved by the most of the different tourists both the local and the international tourists as this makes them to taste on the yummy food from the city at a friendly amount hence making the tourists to enjoy on the delicious meals that makes their safari festival the most colorful one in Kenya.

Lake Turkana Festival.

Lake Turkana Festival is such astonishing and so great that any one should not miss out on a safari in Kenya, the festival takes you all along through the savannah and you straight make a way to the northern Kenya, this festival majorly is usually done in order to preserve the traditional communities, this helps the community people to stay focused while loving their traditional ways of living and among others, and the festival is majorly done in the areas like Samburu, Turkana, Borana, Gabbra and among others.

Lake Turkana festival is the most appealing festivals with the splendid displays of the cultural diversity that gives happiness to the tourists, majorly the festival is to celebrate the cultures of various tribal communities that lived in Lake Turkana region and break the history of the hostility between the eight pastoral tribal groups who frequently squabbled over territory, that is the festival promotes the cross cultural cooperation, and peace and this usually takes place at the shores of Lake Turkana which gives the tourists the most incredible cultural spectacle of the festival where each tribal performs from by showing their home life, arts and crafts, music and dance, unique customs and among others.

Lamu cultural festival.

Lamu being renowned as the Swahili town king, Lamu cultural festival is always done to celebrate the current and modern culture that is present in the area, in Lamu cultural festival includes the various displays and this is where the tourists enjoy the heritage architecture, watching how the old customs came to the present life, watching the songs and the dances, poetry, craft workshop, henna art, hand craft exhibitions, historical Bao, donkey and dhow races, as well on the Lamu cultural festival the tourists can also taste and enjoy the plenty of the indigenous typical Swahili food that is always prepared at the festival for the tourists to enjoy, this takes place during late November, Safari Festivals in Kenya

Safaricom international jazz festival.

Safaricom international jazz festival is basically for the tourists who like music and also enjoys it, or for the tourists who would like to have a great time in Kenya, if you need to have a great vibe on a safari then plan to attend the safaricom international jazz festival as this gives you the best opportunity to satisfy your eyes and at the same time your minds, as on the safari festival you get amazed to the local and the internationally reputed artists as they take to the stage and gives you the best moments on the festival hence giving you the best memories to keep in your daily life.

Safari Festivals in Kenya
Safaricom international jazz festival

Rift valley music festival.

Rift valley music festival is done in the most loved nature in Kenya, due to the fact that Lake Naivasha is one of the rift valley’s many lakes with the most abundant supply of water, suitable climate, surrounded by the large scale food and flower farms lying on the shores of the lake makes an excellent venue for Kenya’s most multinational music event, the Rift Valley Music Festival, the festival is done annually in late August that attracts many artists from worldwide in Kenya, as well during the festival you can camp onsite to be closer to the event or stay nearby, as the festival features food and drinks, craft market, kids activities and many others while accompanied by the presence of music.

Maralal Came Derby.

Maralal Camel Derby promotes the cultural tourism, majorly this festival takes place in Kenya in mid-August as it involves in expanding and promoting the events and encouraging the tourists income to filter into the rural area, majorly the festival takes place in the northern Samburu area which gives the tourists the greatest opportunities to take the races from here, the rides from over the world participates and enjoy the cultural festival that makes the festival special in the region, during August.

Maulidi Festival.

Maulidi festival takes place in December, though the highest percentage of the Kenyans are Christians, and 7% are muslims, this does not affect the Maulidi festival from taking place in Lamu this is where thousands of muslims from a cross East Africa do celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, this was proposed by National Museum of Kenya and of which it sponsors the Maulidi Festival since the 1990’s putting on all the manners of events and attractions for people coming to the island to celebrate, this festival makes the muslims to unite and have great time while at the festival.

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