Sala’s Camp

Sala’s camp is a luxury safari camp that delivers the authentic Maasai Mara safari experience with the most amazing personalized service and the ever best dining. The camp combines the traditional ‘under canvas’ safari experience with the contemporary comfort including the private plunge pools, glass fronted tents. On a Kenya safari when you stay at Sala’a camp you can experience and get the unforgettable and the magical Mara retreat.

Sala’s camp is the actual meaning and that’s when your Maasai Mara National Park begin. The camp sits in Maasai Mara National Reserve, that is well nestled along the three lined banks of the Sand River in the southern tip of the reserve. Which as well is two kilometers away from the Tanzanian border and that’s where the guests get to enjoy the splendid wild outlook and having the wonderful views into the Serengeti National Park. As well the camp is known as the incredible place where the guests do witness the annual wildebeest migration.

 On your Kenya safari you will not get disappointed when you stay at Sala’s camp because that’s where you get to explore the Maasai Mara National Reserve wildlife and the entire scenery and a lot that you except to see on Maasai Mara safari. And then from their you happen to relax at your beautiful camp. Where you enjoy your blissful breakfast, sundowners out of the savannah and make the magical safari memories, with the landscape of the breathtaking full of the massive bird species, animal species where it totally gives you the feeling of being totally being in the presence of nature.

Accommodation at Sala’s camp Maasai Mara National Reserve.

It has a capacity of accommodating 18 guests in seven spacious tents that includes the two family suites and two secluded honeymoon views. During your stay at the Sala’s camp you happen to enjoy the full swing of the comfort and the serene wilderness views and the amazing safari experience. The rooms have got the en-suite bathrooms with the hot showers, separate bathtubs, running water and the flush toilets. The electricity is solar supported with the standby generator. Some of the tents at Sala’s camp includes the Sala’s double tents, forest family tent, Keekorok family tent and among others.

Dining/restaurant at Sala’s camp.

Guests at Sala’s camp guests experience the world class cuisine in the wilderness, in the hidden wild depths of the southern Maasai Mara National reserve. Sala’s camp prepares the vibrant, nutrient rich and the bursting with the character, the chefs at Sala’s camp do inject in the flavors from the various corners of this planet such as to create worth of the goods. Sala’s camp chefs are the super architects behind the mouth-watering meals that the guests do enjoy while on a Kenya safari.

Sala’s Camp
Sala’s Camp

During lunch time at the feast can be eye catching, this is when the platters are not only a treat for the taste buds, but the feast for the eyes as well. These can be popped with the bright edible blooms and the fresh herbs that are organic from the garden that are very impressive which immediately hypes your appetite. At Sala’s camp you can be served with all your best cuisines and as well when the guest as the dietary specials it’s always advisable to communicate to the camp when it is still very early so as to have the perfect serves.

Activities at Sala’s camp.

Guests who come to stay at the Sala’a camp are provided with the diverse numbers of the Kenya safari activities that makes their stay at the camp the most excellent. The safari activities includes the game drives, bush breakfasts, candlelit dinner, wildebeest migration, nature and birding walks, sunrise balloon safari, get arty on safari, bush gym, riverbed games, spa treatments, and different games for children are provided.

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