Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya

Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya is a safari tourism destination in Kenya, it is situated in Rusinga Island, and it is situated 10 kilometers from the Mbita Town at his grave site in his rural home, Kenya Safari. The Mausoleum was built in the honor of Tom Mboya for his outstanding contribution and development towards Kenya and post-colonial Africa, the Tom Mboya Mausoleum was set up in the year 2001. Tom Mboya was a pioneer trade a brilliant, charismatic and a politician in Kenya.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum has got the most and a wide number of the Tom’s items and a variety of collections that are all displayed in the mausoleum this can be seen by the a variety of the visitors on their safari to the mausoleum as they include his beloved black and white fly whisks and a briefcase that he used in the past during the period when he was assassinated on July 5th 1969.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya
Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya

During a safari to the Tom Mboya Mausoleum you explore such items and gives you the best moments on your safari as you also see his awards that were offered to him from the different leaders of different countries and many nations that includes the motivation books the speeches that he used to give at various forums and newspapers cutting featuring him during his ruling generation.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum is always visited by a lot of the tourists that is both the local and the international travelers every year to see the features that are found in the Mausoleum, Tom Mboya was famous in Kenya, he could involve himself in the trade union movement in 1950’s and also deserved as a member of the Makadara constituency from their was appointed as a minister for constitutional Affairs in independent Kenya’s first cabinet and later alone moved to the Ministry of planning around his 30’s, unfortanely he had pre mutual death at his 39 years and this was caused by a bullet that was shot to him along the Nairobi’s Moi Avenue  which is commonly known as the Government Road.

Tom Mboya had the passion to defend human’s and worker’s rights was inspired by the hardworking of his late father undergo at the sisal farm owned by the white settler, Tom faced his work place at the Nairobi city council as a health inspector since he was an African they used to wore uniforms and were not allowed to inspect a white man’s premises, Tom was paid a fifth of what the white men were paid for the same position. Tom Mboya is said that he attended school and dropped in form two after lacking the school fees.

Tom Mboya was a hard working African in that according to what his brother Ndiega who takes care of the Tom Mboya Mausoleum says that Tom was a such humble public servant of the fellows so who never allowed power to get into his head, he would listen attentively to all those who thought his advice and courage then he would put in the efforts and power to provide the possible solutions.

Later Tom later in 1955 got a scholarship at Oxford University and studied Political Science and Economic Development, from their he started forming different programs like African-American Student’s Foundation that enabled clever students in Kenya to get scholarships to US, trough that the program supported various homesteads in Kenya and different personnel including Wangari Maathai the first African Woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as Barack Obama the first black American President in US from Africa.

Tom Mboya was  appointed as a Minister for justice and Constitutional Affairs after Kenya’s  independence in 1963 below the Jomo Kenyatta’s regime, where he did his expectations and participated   in the drafting of the constitutions, Tom was such intelligent that is he could write various academic papers and blue prints of which some could be taken and used by many countries to develop their economies  due to his goodness according to everyone,  according to his country at the age he had the constitution had started amendmenting to bar him but still failed, also they tried weakened his trade unions in a bid to destroy him but also failed but it was once on Saturday on July 5th 1969  Mboya was shot dead along Moi Avenue said by Ndiega. This happened when he had gone to buy medicine from the Channi’s pharmacy to buy medicine at the same time chatting with the owner of the pharmacy who was his relative after leaving a thug named Isaac Njenja shot him and killed him.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya
Tom Mboya Mausoleum Kenya

Tom Mboya Mausoleum came in after two years of Tom’s death his friends from worldwide in 1971 came together and built the mausoleum to honor and respect him this is, the mausoleum is designed in the shape of the bullet that killed him while the door is designed as a coffin with a cross representing that he was a strong catholic. The mausoleum since 2001 was managed by the family but later a lone it was gazetted and protected as a national museum in Kenya.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum is a tourism safari destination to everyone in the world as in it has the unique information, various writings, speeches about the life of Tom Mboya, as everyone who visit Mausoleum wish to write and keep a copy about Mboya’s life, because of his compassionate, charitable sympathetic and the kindhearted that he had for the Kenya as a country and the people of Kenya.

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