Top Romantic date-night Restaurants in Nairobi

Top Romantic date-night Restaurants in Nairobi : Nairobi is a wonderful place to visit whether for business, tourism or for Kenya safari tours central point to start your kenya safaris. But spending all of your time doing heart-pounding activities with a loved one can get boring after a while. In order to enjoy each other’s company and dine and drink in a wonderfully calm setting, sometimes you need some quiet time together. A restaurant for a romantic dinner should have outstanding food served in a beautifully furnished setting.

Fortunately, this quaint city has you covered; Nairobi’s food scene is becoming more and more varied by the day. From vegan restaurants to those that serve continental, Asian, and even vegetarian food. There are so many lovely restaurants in Nairobi that are perfect for a special evening out.

These are Nairobi’s top 8 romantic date-night restaurants, listed in no particular order.

Inti Nikkei

Inti Nikkei, another great restaurant for a romantic evening out, is situated in Westland. Situated within One Africa Palace, the restaurant boasts a 360-degree view of Nairobi’s stunning cityscape thanks to its dome-shaped architecture. Inti serves a blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine that goes well with premium wines, house made cocktails, and sake.

The highlight of the INTI experience is the best Nikkei food, which honours the union of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It is served with the best sake, wines, and specialty cocktails.Serving the best Nikkei cuisine, INTI – A Nikkei Experience is the newest culinary phenomenon to take over Nairobi, the capital city, and the entire continent. Nikkei cuisine, which is often characterised as Peruvian and Japanese fusion food, is revered as a symbol of the immigrant histories and rich ethnic diversity of the two countries.

There is a tight smart casual dress code at the restaurant; sportswear, vests, shorts and flip-flops are not permitted.

Urban Eatery

Urban Eatery is a posh restaurant with a modern setting that seeks to reinvent the dining experience for its patrons. Urban Eatery, which is situated in Westlands in the centre of Nairobi, is a stunning venue that combines modern eating with a sense of style, making it the ideal choice for a special date night.

It provides a variety of delectable cuisines, such as Asian, Mexican, and Indian. With four distinct kitchens and a distinctive bar, the restaurant serves everything from light breakfast fare to heartier evening feasts.

The Social House eatery

The address of the Social House eatery is 154 James Gichuru Road in Lavington. The hotel has four restaurants, one of which is Copper, an urban brasserie featuring a menu that primarily consists of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options.

For informal dining and spontaneous get-togethers, the living area doubles as a cafe bar and coffee roaster. The third eatery is a rooftop Peruvian melting pot called Inca. Lastly, there’s a space near the pool featuring a striking, simple farm table dining experience. With its excellent service, The Social House hopes to transform Nairobi’s eating scene and make you want to come again.


Bambino restaurant, situated at the nine west building off Parklands Road, offers some of the best Latin-Italian dining experiences in Kenya. It’s a classy and opulent dining experience, with a beautiful, glamorous décor; the space is bright and airy, and the restaurant delivers the best Latin and Italian dishes that will leave you wanting more. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy something from the menu.

Harvest Restaurant

Another great place to spend a night out with your significant other is Harvest Restaurant, which is situated in the village market. The inside of the restaurant features a tasteful combination of fixtures and colours in a straightforward presentation of superb décor.

They allow guests to observe the culinary process in their open kitchen. They also have a café-bar, a coffee roaster, and an urban brasserie open fire grill inspired by Kenya’s love of meat.

They have a rooftop Peruvian melting pot where you may have a private dinner.

Top Romantic date-night Restaurants in Nairobi
Harvest Restaurant

Tribe Hotel

Situated at The Tribe Hotel in Gigiri Village Market, Jiko is an opulent eatery featuring African-inspired cuisine. Jiko uses fresh organic products from nearby farms to create a seasonal menu full of flavourful, crisp dishes.

The restaurant is well decorated and has a great atmosphere. You may eat your delicious supper poolside beneath the stars. When searching for a spot to go on a date, Jiko is a true gem.


Mexican restaurant Mercado offers both classic and modern fare. The eatery can be found off Parklands Road in Kenrail Towers. Apart from its mouth watering Mexican fare, Mercado is renowned for its exceptional cocktail selection, which is sure to liven up your evening meal.

Mercado provides delivery services in addition to takeaway options.

Hero restaurant

One of Nairobi’s most interesting places for a date night is Hero Restaurant, which serves food with a superhero theme. The restaurant’s décor are a riot of colour and artwork meant to appeal to your uniqueness and desires.

During the Prohibition era, the architecture was designed as a speakeasy with a concealed entrance and a bar, inviting you to join a secret society. Though not officially Japanese, the majority of the food served here is prepared utilising Japanese cooking methods. A novel dining experience at the nexus of design, imagination, decadence, and uniqueness. Constructed as a speakeasy with a covert entrance and a bar reminiscent of the Prohibition era, the idea begs you to join a private area.

The venue and cuisine, which unites fantasy and reality, honour heroes from comic books and our own neighbourhood: thinkers, businesspeople, athletes, writers, philanthropists, environmentalists, and champions of humanity. The concept of the superhero and their superpowers are reflected in the little plates.

The greatest choice for a distinctive dining experience with excellent cuisine is Hero Restaurant.

Sky Lounge

Nairobi’s Sky Lounge aims to evoke luxury and produce elegant moments. Sip stylish cocktails and listen, feel, observe, experience, and resonate. Let the sheer charm of this one-of-a-kind rooftop bar in Nairobi take you away.

Transform your anniversaries, romantic dates, celebrations, and other special occasions with elegant ambiance, laid-back vibes, and breathtaking views of the city and Nairobi National Park. Don’t forget to sample the delectable snacks as you engage in casual conversations while admiring the Instagram-worthy vistas and beverages from both the indoor and outdoor areas.

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