Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park

The Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park are located along Langata road, 15 minutes’ drive from the Nairobi city centre, Uhuru Gardens is Kenya’s largest safari memorial park, and the Uhuru is a Swahili word meaning freedom. The Uhuru gardens are the largest urban memorial park in Kenya, Uhuru Gardens was erected after the country gained its independence from the British colonizers. Uhuru, is comprised of the verdant, grassy fields with three major landmarks, and is frequented by the local families who like to picnic there on the weekends.

This expansive area is now favored for the picnic safaris, the green lush fields and grand aspects of the Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park furnish a welcome distraction and sabbatical from the disarray and offer guests a spot to gain a learning experience .Weekdays are generally tranquil in this slope park, and the weekends are found bustling with nearby families out on the excursion in the sun. The prime utilization of Uhuru’s inclining slope is as a stadium seating for the political addresses, so it is advised to make sure to check it the political meeting have been booked on the day of tourism visit.

Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park
Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park

Historical background.

The Uhuru Gardens were officially declared as a National Monument in 1966 because of their historical importance. Of the importance to note is that is Kenya’s birth place, this is where the first Kenyan flag was first raised and thus marking the very first year of independence on the 12th December 1963. Within the garden are two monuments commemorating Kenya’s independence and a Mugumo (fig) tree. The Uhuru gardens has three points of significance;

The Mugumo tree is a symbolic as it was planted on the spot where the Union Jack (British flag) was brought down and Kenya’s national flag was first hoisted. The site was a diversity of native flora and fauna of the savannah woodland.

The independence commemorative monument, which was built in the 1973, is a twenty four meter high column, supporting a pair of the clasped hands and a dove of peace. This point celebrated the declaration of independence at midnight, 12th December 1963. It also celebrates the inauguration of Kenya’s first monument is a statue of the soldiers raising the Kenyan flag.

The third one is the foundation celebrating ‘’twenty-five years of Uhuru-peace, love and unity monument’’.

In the addition to the historical significance, Uhuru gardens continues to attract various events as a recreational park. It is popular as arrest area for the families and friends, a must visit for the schools and in recent times has gained popularity as an events for the corporate launches, concerts, weddings, film location just to name a few. Also for those who are looking for a secure jogging spot, this is the perfect location for keeping them fit.

Future plans will include improving the park to have a wider variety of the leisure activities for all. The Mashujaa/heroes Corner will also be adjacent to this beautiful park which will mark as a reminder to celebrate the Kenyan heroes. During your safari in Kenya, when you pass by the Langata Road, walk or drive in to enjoy the richness heritage that lives on through this park.

Best time to visit the Uhuru Gardens.

The Uhuru Gardens opens daily at 8:00am to 6:00pm, but it is recommended to visit the grounds during the daylight hours.

Entrance fee to Uhuru Gardens.

It costs nothing to access the park if coming by the public means, you will only a vail an identification card at the gate. The entrance fee per car is Ksh 300. Then a miniature bar and a hotel is also located at the park

Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park
Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park

Things to know before going to the Uhuru Gardens.

The Uhuru Gardens is a nice place to go for a walk, it is still an urban spot and opportunistic thefts have been known to happen. During your Kenya safari to the Uhuru Gardens consider carrying only a small amount of cash and pay extra attention to your surroundings. The president holds political rallies from time to time in the gardens, so check the event schedule before proceeding to the park, many walking safari makes a pit stop at Uhuru before exploring the rest of Nairobi.

How to get to the Uhuru Gardens.

Uhuru Gardens is located along the Langata Road, Uhuru Gardens is a 15-minute drive from Nairobi city centre. And while you will do plenty of walking on a guided safari, some operators offer hotel pickup and drop-off.

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